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BHP Billiton passes 2 / 4 of the Philip Fisher Growth Screen Strategy.
History This is a growth screen based on the approach of the late Phil Fisher, one of the great investors of all time and the author of the classic book Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits. Fisher started his money management firm, Fisher & Co., in 1931 and over the next seven decades made tremendous amounts of money for his clients. Philip Fisher had a famous 15 point checklist for investing in stocks. Even though it includes numerous qualitative factors, it's possible to glean some key quantitative criteria too: Consistently strong profitability; Consistent sales growth; Growth exceeding industry norms; Little or no dividend payout; and Reasonable price compared to future growth prospects You can read more about Philip Fisher's approach here. more »

Sales 5y CAGR % > Median
Sales Gwth Streak > 2
Net Mgn % > Median
PEG (5y Gwth) < 0.5
Qualifies in the top 200 stocks sorted by PEG (5y Gwth) ascending

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