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Plant Health Care passes   / 9 of the T Rowe Price Screen Strategy.
History A GARP investing approach based on identifying companies with long-term prospects in their early stages before they become "glamour" stocks. Price looked for these characteristics in growth companies: At least a 10% return on invested capital Sustained high profit margins Superior growth of earnings per share. He also looked for: Superior research to develop products and markets. A lack of cutthroat competition. A comparative immunity from government regulation. Low total labor costs, but well-paid employees. more »

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P/E < P/E 5y Avg
P/E 5y Avg < 40
EPS Gwth % > Median
EPS 3y CAGR % > Median
EPS 5y CAGR % > Median
ROA % > 10
Op Mgn % > Op Mgn % 5y Avg
Net Mgn % > Net Mgn % 5y Avg
Qualifies in the top 200 stocks sorted by P/E ascending

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