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History Warren Buffett is the greatest living investor whose investing style was best modelled in the books by Robert Hagstrom.  Buffett's approach is a highly fundamentals-focused one blending both Graham-esque value investing principles and an emphasis on the calibre of the business franchise. In essence, it looks for simple, understandable companies that have a monopoly position and pricing power (for example, through strong brand recognition), so as to ensure consistent profits and a good return on equity, but where there is significant unrecognized value.   Our quantitative model here cannot aim to replicate the qualitative work and understanding that Buffett brings to stock selection, but aims to highlight the kinds of companies showing the longer term fundamental strength and cashflow generation that attracts him. more »

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Mkt Cap £m > 500
Op Profit > 0
Op Profit 1y ago > 0
Op Profit 2y ago > 0
Op Profit 3y ago > 0
Op Profit 4y ago > 0
Op Profit 5y ago > 0
ROE % > 15
ROE % PTTM > 15
ROE % 2y Ago > 15
Rank ( P/FCF ) > 70%
Op Mgn % > Industry GroupMedian
Net Mgn % > Industry GroupMedian
Qualifies in the top 50 stocks sorted by P/FCF ascending

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