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History This screen focuses on a 9 pronged formula focusing on earnings growth and momentum.  It has proven to be one of the most successful stock screeens over the last decade. The CANSLIM investing approach has become very famous and well followed in America after being well promoted by Bill O'Neil, a successful trader and founder of Investors Business Daily. The mnemonic stands for the first letter of each of the following: Current Earnings - current interim earnings strongly accelerating vs the prior year; Annual Earnings - annual earnings increases in recent years; New Highs, New Products, New Management - some kind of catalyst; Supply & Demand - small supply of shares and strong demand for the company's stock; Leaders over Laggards -  choose the best companies in each sector; Institutional Support - but avoid stocks that are over-owned; Market - only buy when the broad market is in a bull phase. more »

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EPS Gwth % Q on Q > 15
EPS Gwth % Q on PYQ > 15
EPS Gwth % > 10
EPS Gwth % 1y Ago > 10
EPS Gwth % Forecast 1y > 0
ROE % > 15
% vs. 52w High > -15
Rank ( RS 1y ) > 75%
% 50d MA > 0
Qualifies in the top 200 stocks sorted by RS 1y descending

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