Coal 2.0 - CBM/CSG, UCG, CTL etc.

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Coal 2.0 - The use of coal in ways other than just digging the stuff up and burning it. "Fungible hydrocarbons".

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Altona Energy Plc is a United Kingdom-based company, engaged in the evaluation and development of the coal-to-chemicals Arckaringa Project to exploit the coal resources. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Arckaringa Energy Pty Ltd, the Company holds a 100% interest in three exploration licenses covering 2,500 square kilometers in the northern portion of the Permian Arckaringa Basin in South Australia, including three coal deposits – Westfield (EL4511), Wintinna (EL4512) and Murloocoppie (EL4513). All three deposits lie close to the Adelaide to Darwin railroad and the Stuart Highway. more »

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IGas Energy plc is a United Kingdom-based onshore oil and gas exploration and production company. The Company is engaged in exploring for appraising, developing and producing oil and gas resources in Britain. The Company operates through core (the United Kingdom) and non-core (rest of the world) segments. It is an onshore hydrocarbon producer, delivering natural gas and crude oil to the energy market. The Company develops and produces gas and oil resources and reserves at onshore locations in the North West of England, the East Midlands, the Weald Basin in Southern England and the northern coastal area of the Inner Moray Firth in Scotland. It has around 30 conventional fields with over 100 producing oil and gas wells in the United Kingdom, producing predominantly oil. The Company's subsidiaries include Dart Energy Limited, Island Gas Limited, IGas Energy (Caithness) Limited and Star Energy Weald Basin Limited. more »

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Mattybuoy 1st Dec '09 14 of 113

Green Dragon Gas was presenting at the Oilbarrel conference last week.

Here is the associated presentation, very interesting IMHO.

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marben100 1st Dec '09 15 of 113

I was at the Oilbarrel and found their presentation interesting. However, their main growth story seems predicated on building their own CBM production, for which purpose they have (IIRC) 5 dedicated rigs. So, I asked how many wells they intended to drill in 2010 and what production level they were aiming for in that year. Those seemed like rather basic & non-controversial questions to me... yet they refused to answer them. That seems very odd to me, so I have not pursued further.

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Mattybuoy 1st Dec '09 16 of 113

Yes a bit strange. Though not untypical of "internal China" stocks in my experience. Not exactly Transparency 'R' Us ... :-)

For the record I have no positions in any stocks on the list in the header except for Carbon Energy (ASX:CNX), and I expect this to remain the case. I do find the whole "coal as oil" thing quite fascinating though.

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Mattybuoy 1st Dec '09 17 of 113

Header Update:-

Added Great Eastern Energy Corp., another London lister with a decent market cap, which is doing CBM in India and gets a 'P' :-)

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Mattybuoy 2nd Dec '09 18 of 113

An update today from CBM Asia regarding the very first CBM well ever drilled in Indonesia.

I can't make much sense out of it, with terminology like "desorption isotherms" and what not. However, what it mostly sounds like is that the local company who is the operator has cocked things up a bit.

Perhaps someone else can illuminate?

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MrT 2nd Dec '09 19 of 113

This is a bit spammy but just in case of interest re: CTL hype in the States:

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Mattybuoy 2nd Dec '09 20 of 113

Thanks, I'll have a look. Energy & Capital is one of the better tipsheet operations IMO. Though it's all relative ... ;-)

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Mattybuoy 3rd Dec '09 21 of 113

OK well I had a read, and unfortunately the darned thing didn't even give any hints as to actual CTL companies in the US. Doubtless that will be in the next exciting installment or something ...

I intend to have a proper dig around in the US and Canada soon.

Meanwhile, I have added yet another ASX outfit to the header. Transol Corporation is one of those vague sort of "investment house" type of companies, but a recent announcement states that it is investing in (and intends to take full ownership of) the company which has the rights to the US-developed Enhanced Biogenic Methane technology in Australia. So it is therefore de-facto a partner in JVs with Regal Resources and Greenpower Energy.

Australia is very incestuous it seems. I will try to keep up ... ;-)

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marben100 3rd Dec '09 22 of 113

For some reason, I've just spotted post #8 on this thread. What I found interesting about it is that the licence area shown appears to be a close match with the PEP11 licence presented by MEC Resources (ASX:MMR) at the last oilbarrel. This licence is illustrated here:


Taken from 

Just for clarification, AIUI MEC operate through a company called Advent Energy, for tax reasons, according to their presenter. The conference report covering MEC is here:

What's interesting about this is that Advent's licence/operations are targeting conventional gas. I presume there must be some form of stacked play here, with conventional gas underlying(?) the coal seams.



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Mattybuoy 3rd Dec '09 23 of 113

You might say it's "overlapped" rather than "stacked". In most Australian states UCG is undertaken under a Mining License whereas CSG (and conventional gas) comes under a Petroleum License. These licenses can cover exactly the same layers of "rock", and it has led to various disputes, notably in Queensland between Linc Energy and Arrow Energy.

In the case of conventional gas vs. UCG I do not believe there would be any problem since it's different layers that are targeted. Obviously it makes sense for any companies drilling the same area to co-operate for practical reasons.

You may note that Central Petroleum make a point in all their presentations of pointing out that they hold both the Mining and Petroleum Licenses over their tenements.

Well spotted though!

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Mattybuoy 4th Dec '09 24 of 113

Well this is a surprise ...

"Carbon Energy signs first international development Agreement with Chile’s Antofagasta Minerals"

I suppose I should add ANTO to the header. LOL

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Mattybuoy 5th Dec '09 25 of 113

Header Update:-

Antofagasta duly added to the header, along with another London lister - Alkane Energy.

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Mattybuoy 7th Dec '09 26 of 113

I have found a Mongolian stock - Gulfside Minerals listed in Canada, duly added to header.

The comments in the latest news release are quite interesting IMO, although they describe UCG as "ICG".

Robert Card, President of Gulfside stated, "We are very pleased to report that the new drill hole data confirms much of the initial Russian/Mongolian exploration data. In addition, the new drilling appears to reveal coal seams that were not previously documented in the Russian/Mongolian exploration program. The deeper seams of significant thickness will allow the company to investigate opportunities to utilize ICG (In-situ Coal Gasification). This innovative process is being pursued more and more by coal companies at the forefront of coal technology"

Once the drilling program has been completed, the Company will be in the position to further analyze the viability of the coal project for a coal liquefaction project. Independent geological and engineering studies will be required to determine if this potential use is technically and economically viable.


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Mattybuoy 7th Dec '09 27 of 113

This is significant, just released to the ASX.

"Carbon Energy’s Maiden UCG Reserves Certification"

This makes CNX the first UCG company to release a reserve statement based on SPE guidelines rather than JORC. Which means that you get "Petajoules" of gas rather than tonnes of coal. This allows for direct comparisons with the CSG players who quote their reserves in the same manner.

With this initial statement CNX now has a P2 reserve which is roughly equivalent to Arrow Energy's P1 figure.

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AbAngus 8th Dec '09 28 of 113

This is a little on the periphery - so apologies if it is on the wrong thread.

AFC Energy is getting in on the act by selling its fuel cells to Linc Energy for use in UCG. See:

Ian Balchin, CEO of AFC said: "Whilst our primary focus remains firmly on the chlor-alkali market, we now have access through B9 Coal to the rapidly emerging market for power generation from underground coal. This opportunity is by far the largest potential market for AFC Energy that we identified and is operational practically anywhere in the world where there are deep coal deposits. The implementation of this programme can create a 'Holy Grail' for future coal utilisation with low-cost, highly efficient conversion of coal into power and through the process of CCS it can turn the dirtiest fossil fuel into the cleanest.

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Mattybuoy 8th Dec '09 29 of 113

No that's excellent. Technology providers who are active in the space are very welcome even if they do not have any coal resources themselves.

I will add AFC and B9 to the header in due course, but in the meantime I believe the B9 Coal presentation qualifies as mandatory reading :-)

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Mattybuoy 8th Dec '09 30 of 113

I have decided to add a CCS section to the header. Although dealing with CO2 is not just an issue with coal, it is IMO an essential part of the "Coal 2.0" picture.

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Mattybuoy 8th Dec '09 31 of 113

I have added a new private UCG company to the header - Swan Hills Synfuels - who are operating in Alberta.

Unbeknown to myself (until now) these guys have already completed a successful trial, at some depth.

Deepest underground coal gasification ever conducted in the world. At 1400 meters below the surface (or 4600 ft) this depth showcases the opportunity to utilize Albertans deep vast coal reserves for future energy production.


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Mattybuoy 8th Dec '09 32 of 113

Here is Linc Energy's version of the AFC announcement, which is not that much different except for this sentence:

One of the points often missed about UCG, is that UCG is in fact one of the cheapest and easiest producers of hydrogen in the world.

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Mattybuoy 9th Dec '09 33 of 113

Interesting article in the Times today ...

"North Sea coal to be burnt undergound"

The UK Coal Authority has awarded licences to Clean Coal, an Anglo-American company, to develop five offshore sites for a technology called Underground Coal Gasification (UGC).

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