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Just a test really to play with this facility. Spent half hour finding my way around and building watchlists etc and I'm well impressed so far.

I have a feeling many Fools may arrive in the next few days. Maybe you can use this thread to announce your presence and just to test out your first post and any other OT comments.

Obviously this area may in time become as active as the Fool O&G companies board. Perhaps we will need to request an O&G markets board? Maybe we don't need a separate E&P board?

And I like the power I have by starting this thread ;-)

In authoring a new thread, you become responsible for moderating and maintaining discipline and order to the discussions.

I like the Italics button!

And the bold one ;-)


And now I also like the "edit" button. I hope! Trying this out approx 3 hours after original post to see if there is any notification of the update given or change in time stamp against the OP.....


As per our Terms of Use, Stockopedia is a financial news & data site, discussion forum and content aggregator. Our site should be used for educational & informational purposes only. We do not provide investment advice, recommendations or views as to whether an investment or strategy is suited to the investment needs of a specific individual. You should make your own decisions and seek independent professional advice before doing so. The author may own shares in any companies discussed, all opinions are his/her own & are general/impersonal. Remember: Shares can go down as well as up. Past performance is not a guide to future performance & investors may not get back the amount invested.

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SW10Chap 20th Jun '09 247 of 266

In reply to promethean (post #245)

Here's a sneak peek of the how the thumb raters are going to look once released...

I'm not sure if it's just the examples you've chosen, but it seems to me that your thumbs are showing a net result? In other words, 5 'ups' and 1 'down' results in a '+4' rating.

I think it would be more valuable to see '-1' and '+5' together: it shows the true response and, importantly, would also avoid posts appearing to have none, one or two votes when in fact opinion is evenly split.


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emptyend 20th Jun '09 248 of 266

I think it would be more valuable to see '-1' and '+5' together: it shows the true response and, importantly, would also avoid posts appearing to have none, one or two votes when in fact opinion is evenly split.

I completely agree with SW10's comments here....as I did on the previous occasion he made them!!


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ManSiarad 20th Jun '09 249 of 266

I completely agree with SW10's comments here....

Me too

Man Siarad

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marben100 20th Jun '09 250 of 266

In reply to emptyend (post #248)

It would be useful to understand the intended purpose of the rating system and how the rating can be used. i.e. what are the (intended) consequential effects of rating a post positively or negatively?

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marben100 20th Jun '09 Moderated for Misinformation
marben100 20th Jun '09 252 of 266

It occurs to me that it might be useful to create a S'pedia "tips & tricks" thread. Each of us can then post what we've found to be the best way to use the site. Probably best to wait until after the upgrade is in & debugged a bit but then such a thread could be useful to all of us and, especially, to newbies. I'm sure it would also help S'pedia admins to better understand how each of us uses the site - and perhaps to tell us of useful features we may not even be aware of!

I presume such a thread doesn't exist yet?

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doverbeach 20th Jun '09 253 of 266

It occurs to me that it might be useful to create a S'pedia "tips & tricks" thread.

or even better a S'pedia Tips and Questions theme, so people can start new threads with helpful titles "Best way to find and old post you made" "How do I find posts quickly on my mobile?" etc.  An endless thread with no means of a newbie finding where the interesting bits are would be much less helpful. After a while, most newbie questions will (hopefully!) have been answered.

nb looking for highly rec'd posts doesn't solve this problem -when you have a specific question you dont want to have to look at all the great answers to irrelevant questions!


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marben100 20th Jun '09 254 of 266

In reply to doverbeach (post #253)

Hi db,

Yup, sounds like a good idea. To begin with, however, the most common negative comment I've heard from users of the site seems to be "how do I find my way around?". We can start with one thread & then, when the site admins have time to set up the theme you suggest, further, more specific threads, can be created there.

A Q&A thread is useful anyway, so newbies can simply post their questions and other posters can offer suggested answers. Questions that come up frequently could then go into a shorter & more heavily moderated FAQ thread and/or onto a dedicated & easily accessible FAQ page.

BTW is anyone aware of a better "parking place" for these types of threads (until a more appropriate theme is created) than "market sentiment"?



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SW10Chap 20th Jun '09 255 of 266

In reply to manzanilla (er, doverbeach) (post #253)

Heh heh, that's the first time I've seen you make that slip :-)

or even better a S'pedia Tips and Questions theme

Anti-wiki though I tend to be, perhaps that kind of thing would lend itself to a wiki page. I don't know if the S'pedia admins could put up a page of that kind somewhere accessible from the 'Getting Started' pages?

In the absence of that, we could desecrate the 'Strategies' wiki which lies blank! :-O




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doverbeach 20th Jun '09 256 of 266

BTW is anyone aware of a better "parking place" for these types of threads (until a more appropriate theme is created) than "market sentiment"?

I guess it will take the admins all of a minute to set up a new theme :)

Anyway, I am looking forwared to the new navigation tomrrow!


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Murakami 20th Jun '09 257 of 266

Hi, in terms of this "parking place" point, we have created a new "General" area, similar to the "Theme" area. Within that "General" area, there will be some General Topics (taxonomically similar to a Theme or a Sector), within which users or admins can create one or many threads (or wikis although we haven't set them up yet but it wouldn't take much). At the moment, these topics will be:

  1. Site Orientation - i.e. A place for detailed newbie topics like how to get around, post or trade, plus a FAQ thread. This "Welcome All" thread will be moved there too. 
  2. Site Etiquette - A place for people to discuss forum guidelines or other issues related to the "culture" of the site.
  3. Site Announcements - This is intended as a more interactive version of the Blog (www.stockopedia.com/blog)
  4. Feature Requests - This will be a place for threads discussing and debating the pros and cons of new features across the site, although the red button voting will remain paramount for any request to be actioned.
  5. Meta Discussions  - A place for people to talk ABOUT threads, posts or other site activity if they want to, rather in the thread itself - this is where we are planning to put the Investor's Blog and any "Best of" threads if they emerge.
  6. Members Top Tips - A place for the older hands to share their experienceabout both the site and investing in general.

We are still discussing the categories so it could change, and this is just a first crack which we can modify over time based on input but just FYI. This is likely to be part of tomorrow night's release so have a look then and see what you think....

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alano20 21st Jun '09 258 of 266

In reply to Murakami (post #257)

The new 'Board Highlights' gives very interesting lists, but could you include a marker, a tick perhaps?, to show whether I have read all, or missed some, of those posts that interest me.  For example the three most popular posts now on "anything" are on  Soco Valuation.  Now I think I have read them, but would like to certain.

After a few days absence, this list is obviously the place to start.

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SW10Chap 22nd Jun '09 259 of 266

In reply to alano20 (post #258)

The new Board Highlights gives very interesting lists,

I think Board Highlights - along with the My Stocks option is a big step forward for S'pedia and making it easier to navigate and find the interesting stuff - and using the dropdowns you can focus on the highly recommended or even just the contentious stuff.

...show whether I have read all, or missed some, of those that interest me... after a few days absence

I think the trick here would be set the dropdown to approximate number of days you've been away - although I recognize there isn't a lot of choice between 24 hours and 7 days!

Perhaps a 2 days or 3 days option would useful?


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promethean 22nd Jun '09 260 of 266

SW10 - maybe a 3 day option would work well... we are also thinking of adding a between x and y dates option... for those who want to hone in on specific times... 

Hope that helps!

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alano20 22nd Jun '09 261 of 266

In reply to promethean (post #260)

Yes, adding 'between x and y dates' would be very useful.

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SW10Chap 5th Sep '09 262 of 266

I'm delighted to see the new feature introduced by S'pedia, whereby I am put in touch with loving, romantic and caring angels.

For those of you not already lucky enough to have received such an invitation, let me share with you my good fortune which arrived in the form of a message in my S'pedia In-Box:

My name is Pamale, I am average in height and fair in complexion,am a loving, romantic and caring angel. I read your profile at centorose.com. truely is quiet intresting to me then , i decided to contact you. i really wantto have a good relationship with you. Beside i have a special something i want to discusse with you , so reach me hear (pamale002real@...) Hope to hear from you soon. i will send my beautiful pictures to you and also tell you more about my self.Remenber distance or colour does not matter but love matter's alot. I will be waiting for your mail. Your's Pamale Kisses

I don't believe I've ever been on centrose.com, so it's undoubtedly my piercingly-insightful posts on the oil-business which have excited this average-heighted lady's interest. What more could be needed for a good relationship?

Oh wait. Pamale?

Maybe I'll wait for the next one before requesting the beautiful pictures...



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Murakami 5th Sep '09 263 of 266

In reply to SW10Chap (post #262)

We have had a number of feature requests for a finance-oriented online dating service so pleased you like the demo version. We're thinking of calling it LoveMoney but that seems to be taken already...

No, just kidding. Sincere apologies for the spam! We banned the user about 20 minutes after their registration but not before a few of our lucky users received that message unfortunately. We will try to build in some safeguards for that kind of thing and, if you notice any more spam like that, please let us know so we can try to prevent it.

Regards, M

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emptyend 6th Sep '09 264 of 266

In reply to Murakami (post #263)

We have had a number of feature requests for a finance-oriented online dating service so pleased you like the demo version. We're thinking of calling it LoveMoney but that seems to be taken already...


Yup - and most of the "old" staff have moved there too  (Ed, Saul etc etc)....and I see they've now relieved the parent site of that "asset" via an MBO. Perhaps times are hard?  Meanwhile I see that those left behind have been displaying their posting skills by decrying "Stuckupedia" for not having threads on a specific minority topic (having been too lazy to start one themselves, despite having registered here) and continuing to enjoy interminable tiffs over moderation.

I must say I'm feeling somewhat left out that " 'pas mal" didn't bother spamming me...... ;-( 

However, I'd say that removal of such problems in only 20 minutes is a great response time - in contrast to other sites that seem unable to address reported problems within even a few hours in some cases. Keep it up :-)

Now....if anyone can find a way of preventing someone else from "spamming" me with constant requests for my opinion on matters of little consequence (and then S'mailing me when I remonstrate with them)...........  ;-)


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alano20 22nd Jun '10 265 of 266

Adding "new" to the number of new posts makes them really stand out: thanks.

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sugs04 12th Jul '10 266 of 266

In reply to sugs04, post #91

Slowly finding my way around and liking what I see so far. :-)

test - I did look for a test board but I couldn't find one.....sorry if I missed it.

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