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Strategies Editor at Stockopedia.  I make sure that Stockopedia is delivering the features that its members want to see.

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What’s the story with Diageo Drinks giant Diageo plc (LON:DGE) will issue a third quarter trading update this week and investors will be hoping to see it doing better in emerging markets. Shares in Diageo closed last year at £20 each but fell by more than 11% following its half-year results in late January. Slower growth in emerging markets meant the group was more reliant…

What's the story on Tesco? Supermarket chain Tesco plc (LON:TSCO) is set to report its full-year results this week, with analysts expecting some disappointing figures. Shares in Tesco have fallen by 25% over the past 12 months largely as a result of concerns about its UK trading performance. Recent industry figures from Kantar Worldpanel revealed that group sales in the 12 weeks to March 30…

European stocks looked a risky bet in the aftermath of the European sovereign debt crisis but markets are now repaying investors who saw value in those battered shares. This week the pan-European FTSE Eurofirst 300 finally clawed its way back to a level last seen in May 2008. Early on in the economic collapse, confidence was hammered and equity prices sent spiralling. But anyone investing…

This earnings season some of Britain’s biggest blue chips have had their share prices hammered after undershooting profit expectations. Rolls-Royce, Pearson and BG Group have all felt the the market’s wrath for issuing disappointing financial results. But while missed targets can cause sudden price collapses, companies that actually beat earnings forecasts often experience something a bit different. In fact, share prices sometimes take a remarkably…

Many small cap companies have been swept along by a wave of optimism over the past year. But that’s left some of them at risk of sharp sell-offs on disappointing results news. In March alone we saw stocks like Smiths News and Majestic Wine hammered for damping down expectations and undershooting earnings forecasts. By comparison, some of those that have kept up positive earnings and…

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There are plenty out there who agree with you on this. Frankly, sound rules and intelligent diversification will protect a portfolio from any single stock that does have a disaster. There are the 'hunters' who would think your statements sacrilege, but the 'farmers' out there will always agree with you. Ben Graham for one, Joel Greenblatt another. It's a good team backing you !

Hi Andrew. That is some pretty impressive engineering! Amazing that they've managed to get that sorted out and fixed up ready to open in a few weeks. Dawlish definitely looks a great place to be on a sunny day...

Hi Steamy, No, Paul's views are his own. He's a hunter of shares and reaches opinions from his own research. With strategies like Kirkpatrick's it's really all about trusting the rules. Quindell ticked all the boxes for that screen last September and has since done fantastically well. That's precisely what an investing strategy like this is aiming to do. But Quindell doesn't qualify now so…

Alan, I think what you say has manifested itself in A) the yields in some of these 'high yield' strategies are now noticeably lighter than what they were earlier this year. And B) the number of shares qualifying for screens like the SocGen-inspired Quality Income has really reduced.

Hi Paul, I couldn't agree more. Most of the momentum strategies that Stockopedia models do actually combine price strength with one or more of value, growth, earnings surprises, broker upgrades, etc. Earlier this year, literally the start of 2013, some of these strategies were beating everything else. 11 months on the momentum waters have been seriously muddied. I guess it's just important to remember what…

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