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Strategies Editor at Stockopedia.  I make sure that Stockopedia is delivering the features that its members want to see.

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“To avoid having all your eggs in the wrong basket at the wrong time, every investor should diversify. If you search worldwide, you will find more and better bargains than by studying only one nation.” Sir John TempletonHarry Markowitz, a pioneer of modern portfolio theory, once described diversification as the only free lunch in finance. By investing across geographies and asset classes, it is possible…

With the Scottish referendum on independence just days away, some investors may be wondering how Scottish listed stocks will be impacted if the Scots do vote “yes” for a break-up. While many are concerned, the outcome is very hard to predict. Even business bosses seem to be generally unsure of what independence would mean for their firms. So what should investors do?  It has already…

Unsettled market conditions in recent months have naturally put pressure on the overall performance of the GuruScreen strategies tracked by Stockopedia. Even so, the movement of stocks in and out of these screens still offers a view of those that may be worth looking at further.Slater’s Zulu Principle picks up PaceShares in set-top box maker Pace (LON:PIC) jumped by 50% to 469p between January and…

This week we took a look at how every sector in the market currently stacks up against Stockopedia StockRanks. StockRanks are the multi-factor calculations we use to establish where in the market every company ranks for financial and business quality, valuation, and price and earnings momentum. You can read much more about how StockRanks work here.Comparing sectors using StockRanks is fascinating because it can highlight…

It has been just over a year since we launched Stockopedia’s Europe Edition in which time share prices at home and across the Continent have enjoyed some impressive gains. With around 8,000 stocks available, the introduction of Europe was a real boost for our Guru Screens, the 66 investment approaches inspired by the legends of finance. The broader geographic region offered scope to find a…

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Hi grout,Ahead of launching the new US data service we investigated brokerage costs - and particularly forex fees. We contacted all the main brokers (and some of the smaller ones) and you're absolutely right, there are some shocking deals around. But it is possible to dodge some of those charges if you shop around. We've devoted a chapter to brokerage and forex fees in our…

There are plenty out there who agree with you on this. Frankly, sound rules and intelligent diversification will protect a portfolio from any single stock that does have a disaster. There are the 'hunters' who would think your statements sacrilege, but the 'farmers' out there will always agree with you. Ben Graham for one, Joel Greenblatt another. It's a good team backing you !

Hi Andrew. That is some pretty impressive engineering! Amazing that they've managed to get that sorted out and fixed up ready to open in a few weeks. Dawlish definitely looks a great place to be on a sunny day...

Hi Steamy, No, Paul's views are his own. He's a hunter of shares and reaches opinions from his own research. With strategies like Kirkpatrick's it's really all about trusting the rules. Quindell ticked all the boxes for that screen last September and has since done fantastically well. That's precisely what an investing strategy like this is aiming to do. But Quindell doesn't qualify now so…

Alan, I think what you say has manifested itself in A) the yields in some of these 'high yield' strategies are now noticeably lighter than what they were earlier this year. And B) the number of shares qualifying for screens like the SocGen-inspired Quality Income has really reduced.

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