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Back in 1976 John Bogle reinvented the fund management industry by setting up Vanguard and selling low-cost index tracker funds to individual investors. Those funds weight their individual stock holdings based on market capitalisation. That makes them cheap to run, easy to manage and guarantees that they won’t get left behind by the index. But the downside of course is that they offer zero prospect…

Investors in the stock market have a really raw time. Financial jargon often seems to use different interchangeable terms for exactly the same thing - income, profits, earnings - which is which, what do you use, and where? Penetrating this lexicon is even more confusing when it comes to trading American shares. At Stockopedia we recently expanded our coverage to include US markets and as…

Decades of academic research has found that diversification can slash the risk of portfolio wipeouts. But there is also evidence to suggest that diversification is overrated and encourages investors to aim for ‘average’ returns. Warren Buffett described it as “protection against ignorance”, and other famous investors like Joel Greenblatt, William O’Neill and Gerald Loeb tend to agree. Instead, these stock market hunters confidently place big…

Stockopedia recently expanded its coverage universe to include the USA. As part of that we produced a complete Guide to Getting Started in US Shares. You can read our introduction to the series here and take a look at the diversification benefits of investing in the US here. America has one of the most open and transparent stock markets in the world but the cultural…

In the late 1950s a Hungarian dancer called Nicolas Darvas spent 18 months making more than $2 million in the stockmarket. In less than a decade he’d gone from knowing nothing about investing to refining a trading style that stunned America’s financial elite. Early on he was forced to count the cost of poor advice, ill-timed trades and his own over-confidence. Yet those lessons shaped…

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Sure, I guess that given the sheer scale of Berkshire Hathaway, there is just a natural element of diversification. That said, there was some research into this (here) that found that between 1976 and 2006 his top five holdings averaged 73% of the portfolio value. So certainly during that time he was pretty concentrated.

That's a great story Bruce - evidence that superstar guru status isn't always required!

purpleski, I totally agree with what you're saying. There are definitely some real positives with DCA, especially when you're getting started. You've got me thinking about whether, if I had a windfall now, I'd put it straight into a share portfolio (I'm only thinking about it because I'm involved in writing a guide about these portfolio issues!!) There's a lot of talk about this in…

Hi grout,Ahead of launching the new US data service we investigated brokerage costs - and particularly forex fees. We contacted all the main brokers (and some of the smaller ones) and you're absolutely right, there are some shocking deals around. But it is possible to dodge some of those charges if you shop around. We've devoted a chapter to brokerage and forex fees in our…

There are plenty out there who agree with you on this. Frankly, sound rules and intelligent diversification will protect a portfolio from any single stock that does have a disaster. There are the 'hunters' who would think your statements sacrilege, but the 'farmers' out there will always agree with you. Ben Graham for one, Joel Greenblatt another. It's a good team backing you !

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