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After a lacklustre performance last year it looks like the brakes have been released on the UK's mid and large cap indexes. The FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 have enjoyed respective gains of around 7.2% and 9.4% so far in 2015. After 12 months of gazing enviously across the Atlantic at soaring US stock markets, it appears that these UK wallflowers are taking to the…

Housebuilders, wealth managers and oil stocks all had varying degrees of good news in this week's Budget, helping to push the FTSE 100 through 7,000 points. But what about Friday's solar eclipse? Could that have had an 'anomalous influence' on the rapid rebound of the FTSE from its sharp fall in early March? According to some research there could be a connection. Alas, reaching for…

With ISA season nearly upon us, the financial press is beginning to ratchet up the commentary on just how and where investors should be deploying their tax-free allowances. Jonathan Eley in the FT this week touched on some of the points to consider. He also made the observation that while it's often advised that you should “run your winners and cut your losers", most investors…

With an estimated personal fortune of $72bn it's little wonder that many investors pay close attention to what Warren Buffett has to say. In his recent letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, he reflected on why the conglomerate had been so successful over the past 50 years. And he was candid about some of the mistakes he'd made, too… not least his costly flirtation with…

Warren Buffett, the most quotable man in finance, issued his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders last weekend. As usual, it provoked a lot of commentary and analysis (like this) that picked over what the Sage of Omaha really thinks about investing. Among those nuggets are that he still regards buying Tesco stock as a “big mistake" and he'd “dawdled' by not selling it sooner.…

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herbie, Oops - thanks for spotting (time flies...!) Absolutely. Funnily enough I bought Tesco as a wildcard for my in-house Stocko fantasy fund in early Jan. They laughed in the office... but they're not laughing now !

Hi Michael. It's a very interesting point - and we talk about it endlessly here! I think it's undeniable that, on paper, if someone spends time and effort to pick 10 stocks and they all rise to varying degrees, that the premise of rebalancing one or more of them seems nuts. That's a stock-pickers approach - you run your winners... etc. I guess the question…

Sure, I guess that given the sheer scale of Berkshire Hathaway, there is just a natural element of diversification. That said, there was some research into this (here) that found that between 1976 and 2006 his top five holdings averaged 73% of the portfolio value. So certainly during that time he was pretty concentrated.

That's a great story Bruce - evidence that superstar guru status isn't always required!

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