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After a 15 year wait the FTSE 100 finally managed to clamber back to an all time high of 6,958 points this week. And according to Professors Elroy Dimson and Paul Marsh and Dr Mike Staunton of London Business School, there's now a 50/50 chance of it hitting 10,000 points by 2022. But does any of this matter? Not according to John Authers in the…

Investors have spent decades hunting down ways to profit from stock market anomalies. But in recent years the idea of systematically skimming premiums from the stocks in the market most exposed to factors like size, value, momentum, quality and low volatility has reached new levels of sophistication. So-called 'smart beta' funds now focus entirely on squeezing profits out of factors like these. Look closer at…

Last week Swedish regulators said they were launching an investigation into so-called “closet trackers". These are the types of managed funds that charge steep prices but are built to simply mimic an index. Quite rightly, these rip-off funds have earned themselves a terrible name for more or less guaranteeing underperformance. And the good news is that it sounds like UK regulators are taking a closer…

Size matters, right? For the past 35 years some of the most influential voices in finance have claimed that small stocks outperform large stocks. In fact, the so-called size effect has been credited as one of the main drivers of long-term stock market returns. But not everyone is convinced. Some complain that the effect disappears for long periods, or only really wins big in January.…

“Size Matters, if You Control Your Junk" - Cliff Asness and his team at US fund management firm AQR Capital came up with an inspired title for their latest research paper. Following their 2013 work on how Quality Minus Junk is a driver of stock market returns, they've now applied the same theory to small stocks and reinvigorated the argument that small beats big over…

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Hi Michael. It's a very interesting point - and we talk about it endlessly here! I think it's undeniable that, on paper, if someone spends time and effort to pick 10 stocks and they all rise to varying degrees, that the premise of rebalancing one or more of them seems nuts. That's a stock-pickers approach - you run your winners... etc. I guess the question…

Sure, I guess that given the sheer scale of Berkshire Hathaway, there is just a natural element of diversification. That said, there was some research into this (here) that found that between 1976 and 2006 his top five holdings averaged 73% of the portfolio value. So certainly during that time he was pretty concentrated.

That's a great story Bruce - evidence that superstar guru status isn't always required!

purpleski, I totally agree with what you're saying. There are definitely some real positives with DCA, especially when you're getting started. You've got me thinking about whether, if I had a windfall now, I'd put it straight into a share portfolio (I'm only thinking about it because I'm involved in writing a guide about these portfolio issues!!) There's a lot of talk about this in…

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