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This week saw the biggest five-day slide in the FTSE 100 since mid-2011. Most of the blame lies with a tumbling oil price, weak economic data from China and political uncertainty in Greece. For investors, this sort of stomach-churning volatility is utterly miserable. But there have been some winners. John Authers in the FT wrote an excellent piece this week about how low volatility stocks…

Twelve months ago investors were reflecting on a year that saw many small and mid cap shares leap in price. Momentum and value strategies proved to be big winners, while quality stocks were often left lagging. But at the time it was starting to look like strong financial quality could play a much more influential role in 2014. After all, if frothy share prices were…

While high StockRank stocks have continued to outperform low StockRank stocks it's been quite a sideways year for the market as a whole. Surely one would presume that it's been a good year for stock pickers? Sadly the FT shows that 90% of active fund managers have underperformed the indices. We regularly agree with those who question whether market beating funds actually add any alpha…

Fancy a linkfest for the weekend?  Here’s a few things we’ve been reading here at Stockopedia on the wider web.  If you want us to do more of these then please let us know in the comments below.From some of our scribes...David Stredder’s recent Mello2014 was a tremendous success and was written up by the ever prolific Paul Scott in this wonderful post and comments.Ben…

The thorny issue of rebalancing a stock portfolio is something we’ve been looking at closely in recent weeks. It’s a subject that matters more to some investors than others. Stock market hunters often recoil in horror at the idea of selling winning positions and buying laggards. But for the rules-based “farmers” who build portfolios to harvest value and momentum premiums over the long term, rebalancing…

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Sure, I guess that given the sheer scale of Berkshire Hathaway, there is just a natural element of diversification. That said, there was some research into this (here) that found that between 1976 and 2006 his top five holdings averaged 73% of the portfolio value. So certainly during that time he was pretty concentrated.

That's a great story Bruce - evidence that superstar guru status isn't always required!

purpleski, I totally agree with what you're saying. There are definitely some real positives with DCA, especially when you're getting started. You've got me thinking about whether, if I had a windfall now, I'd put it straight into a share portfolio (I'm only thinking about it because I'm involved in writing a guide about these portfolio issues!!) There's a lot of talk about this in…

Hi grout,Ahead of launching the new US data service we investigated brokerage costs - and particularly forex fees. We contacted all the main brokers (and some of the smaller ones) and you're absolutely right, there are some shocking deals around. But it is possible to dodge some of those charges if you shop around. We've devoted a chapter to brokerage and forex fees in our…

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