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MD, hasn't the price of marble generally been falling for some years? I don't know if Fox quarries premium stone that isn't readily found / extractable elsewhere but I do recall block prices of around USD600 for a pure white type and a 'rosa' some 25 years ago. What with the increases in transportation costs it seems it's an industry relying on very low labour…

"Am I talking to myself on this thread?" No :-)

and to value more highly the service jobs that will form an increasingly significant part of the real economy. The chances are that will never happen unless there is a shortage of labour to fill them.

Of course the employees dealt on inside information. The finding that this was not released to the market in a timely manner by the company surely means that individuals are culpable and the fine should be clawed back. Shareholders should be insisting on it.

Hi Mark,I'm sure you will have noticed this and maybe you will be in a position to add a little comment later next week.10 Nov. 2011 Result of AGM As ordinary resolutions to the: For Against Discretionary Abstain (1) Total 1. Re-election of Geoff Davis as Director 44,434,320   37,097,399  12,494  50,243   81,594,456   11 Nov. 2011 Director's Shareholding Geoffrey Davis, Chairman, had sold 1,000,000 ordinary…