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2010 Final Results for West China Cement (LON:WCC) can be seen from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange here. PLEASE NOTE that results are presented in RMB but the share price is quoted in HK Dollars Highlights: "Revenue increased by approximately 95.2%" "Gross profit increased by approximately 86.7%" "Basic earnings per share, after being adjusted for the exceptional charge of losses on warrant redemption of RMB168.5… Very good results. Not surprisingly ahead of the estimates in the listing document "Revenue increased by approximately 110.5% from approximately RMB574.7 million for the six months ended June 30, 2009 to approximately RMB1,209.6 million for the six months ended June 30, 2010," "Profit attributable to the equity holders of the Company increased by approximately 159.1% from approximately RMB140.0 million for the six months ended…

Velti is the world's leading mobile marketing and advertising company. With operations in 35 countries NOTE - results are issued in EUROs so take care with which currency you are considering No TA on this thread please in a recent rns Velti recently announced strong 2008 organic revenue (up 164% on 2007) and profits growth: sales reached $70 million, with an EBITDA of…

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Pennant has also capitalised a very large amount of intangible assets this year unlike in previous years

Looking at Digitallook there appear to have been some quite recent broker downgrades of earnings for the next 2 years. They are quite significant downgrades from what I can see, Perhaps this might be the cause?

SAL Management have "come through" with lots of options granted 10 days ago at 47p. Also I see the new Chairman bought a few shares less than 3 weeks ago. I am a bit surprised the company was not in a closed period at that point but no doubt that is me misunderstanding the rules on such things.

cycle, I agree they have capitalised more than twice the amount they amortised this year which makes a significant difference to profits

Re TMMG you might want to consider who exactly the company is being run for. I held a little while ago but sold due to doubts about this.