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Real Name: Edward Croft

Occupation: Company Director, Entrepreneur, Other

Interests: Commodities, Stocks

Twitter: edcroft

Fantasy Fund: Quo Vadis Magister

About Me:

CEO at Stockopedia where I weave code, prose and investing strategies to help investors beat the stock markets. I've a background in the City and asset management but now am more interested in building great stock selection tools for the use of investors online.  

Traditionally investors online have had very poor access to the best statistics, analytics and strategies for the stock market and our aim is to set that straight.  High Quality fundamental information has been prohibitively expensive in the past and often annoyingly dull. People these days don't just want to know the PE Ratio and look at a balance sheet. They expect a layer of interpretation over data, signal from noise and the ability to know at a glance whether a stock is worth investigating or not.

All this is possible using great design and the insights gleaned from quantitative research.  Stockopedia is where we try to make it happen !


I post my day to day thoughts and ramblings on twitter - do join me....

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After a year of treading sideways, and mostly lagging the market, since June 2016 shares ranked 90+ by StockRank on the LSE have rocketed in price.  Brexit was the trigger for a general surge in share prices on both sides of the Atlantic... but the top ranked set of stocks has significantly outperformed.   The 90+ ranked set has risen 36% in this timeframe versus 22%…

Nearly £7 billion of value was wiped out today in BT, formerly British Telecom, after the phone giant revealed that an accounting scandal at its Italian subsidiary was much bigger than first thought. For around 1 million individual shareholders, this sort of massive collapse at a FTSE 100 blue chip is very rare, and very bad news. We’ve taken a look at the Stockopedia StockReport,…

We’re working on some internal data research tools at Stockopedia which will contribute to a lot of editorial insights, and we hope, some really great product launches in future. Here’s a few insights from my own recent research into the performance of UK StockRanks strategies in the last few years. (Disclaimer: Past performance not an indicator of future results etc).1. Sector Diversification - does it…

2016 has been a remarkable year in the markets with Brexit and Trump creating so much market volatility. In this climate, it’s been proven to be a year for the stock pickers. The wonderful Paul Scott - who writes the Small Cap Value Report daily (now with Graham Neary) on Stockopedia - has absolutely smashed it in 2016. He runs his “Beam me up Scotty…

Stockopedia subscribers will be aware that last week we published a study of 245 profit warnings as "The Profit Warning Survival Guide" ... you can catch up on all the content in our quick read eBook, 30 minute Webinar and accompanying set of slides.   In the next few weeks we'll be serialising some of the content as blogs on the site.  For a background to…

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Phil - I have to admit we haven't done any extensive research around Style persistence (yet). We will at some point I'm sure.  I think your comments have significant merit.  But I would add that one has to consider the relative scale of the rankings.  I don't think you can consider the V and M rankings to be a perfect counterpoint.  Often Value stock valuations…

@ratioinvestor I don't really agree with your argument.  All the companies you mentioned were flagged as high quality before the majority of their share price runs: Fevertree had a QualityRank of 91 as soon as it had released it's first set of fully audited annual results post float 2 years ago - see the archive StockReport here (it's since risen from 250p to 1400p) Dart…

Actually we're not doing any shows this season. The dates didn't work for us I'm afraid. We're going to be doing a lot more video this year to make up for it.

I.e. Buffett didn't seek to trade Coca-Cola when it got expensive at the end of the century. Actually I'd counter that - he definitely did.  Just not in the way you might expect.  I have lost my source materials, but from memory he took out a massive hedge that swapped the returns from stocks for the returns from bonds.   He may not like selling his…

There's a Zen moment in investing when you learn that value and momentum are flip sides of the same coin.   There's polarity in everything in the universe, and there's a rhythm that exists between the extremes.   Stocks get undervalued, and they get overvalued.   Value investors try to profit by buying or selling when valuations are at the extremes.  They profit from mean reversion.  But they…

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