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Real Name: Edward Croft

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CEO at Stockopedia where I weave code, prose and investing strategies to help investors beat the stock markets. I've a background in the City and asset management but now am more interested in building great stock selection tools for the use of investors online.  

Traditionally investors online have had very poor access to the best statistics, analytics and strategies for the stock market and our aim is to set that straight.  High Quality fundamental information has been prohibitively expensive in the past and often annoyingly dull. People these days don't just want to know the PE Ratio and look at a balance sheet. They expect a layer of interpretation over data, signal from noise and the ability to know at a glance whether a stock is worth investigating or not.

All this is possible using great design and the insights gleaned from quantitative research.  Stockopedia is where we try to make it happen !


I post my day to day thoughts and ramblings on twitter - do join me....

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In my last article we discovered that the very highest conviction picks of fund managers have a tendency to radically outperform the rest of their holdings. Much of the mainstream press criticises active fund managers for their inability to outperform the market, but perhaps all that expensive investment training hasn't entirely gone to waste. They really can pick winners... just not that many of them.…

It's increasingly common knowledge that actively managed funds significantly underperform the stock market. The level of underperformance varies in different market cycles but on average it is of the order of 3% per year. Given this, is there really any point in paying attention to what fund managers are buying? Well the latest cutting edge research shows that there is. Fund managers are actually way…

Stockopedia has grown from a hobby project on a single web server, to a full blown web application with over 10 servers each running different components of our tech stack.  We've had to grow our systems to fulfil the demands of the thousands of subscribers who are now using the product.   We are ambitious in our plans and try to be as forward thinking in…

The Stockopedia Ranking system has been an incredibly popular addition to the Stock Reports in recent weeks. Ever since we first released the metrics to the screener in April subscribers have been using the system to profit from standout winners like Sprue Aegis - up 42% since highlighted as a top scoring stock at the time. We have continued to improve the system over the…

We've had the odd side discussion on market timing recently so I thought it an apt time to start a thread with the aim of catalysing some further discussion.   One of my favoured metrics is the number of stocks that qualify for favorite screens.   I've noticed that e.g. the Zulu Principle screen on Stockopedia is severely lacking in candidates (only 7 qualify vs 25 a…

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Trying to see where the red flags have been on SAL. One flag may have been that the directors have been selling consistently over the last year, NEDs, COO and Chairman. We've not released our Insider analytics yet but SAL has been scoring worse than 93% of the market on this measure. I guess some of the management may have been worried about earnings sustainability.…

Edison put out a research note on SAL only 3 weeks ago "attractively valued"... Presumably the company paid for this research before they knew the quarter was looking poor, but still doesn't look good.

Cadmunkey - Yes it was rebalanced equally into the qualifying stocks at the closing prices of 14th March.

Hi Michael. The qualification dates are already there on all the guru screens at the right of the table. We'll be adding more sector analysis in future releases, but that's likely a 2015 project.

Hi Tim, Yes we've taken the same approach to these trackers as AAII have in the US, which is to make them tax and transaction cost free. Clearly in a real portfolio the returns would be less. Currently the average spread across Screen of Screens stocks (excluding the 2 sub £ 10m  microcaps) is 60 basis points which is not that wide - especially versus…

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