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Real Name: Edward Croft

Occupation: Company Director, Entrepreneur, Other

Interests: Commodities, Stocks

Twitter: edcroft

Fantasy Fund: Quo Vadis Magister

About Me:

CEO at Stockopedia where I weave code, prose and investing strategies to help investors beat the stock markets. I've a background in the City and asset management but now am more interested in building great stock selection tools for the use of investors online.  

Traditionally investors online have had very poor access to the best statistics, analytics and strategies for the stock market and our aim is to set that straight.  High Quality fundamental information has been prohibitively expensive in the past and often annoyingly dull. People these days don't just want to know the PE Ratio and look at a balance sheet. They expect a layer of interpretation over data, signal from noise and the ability to know at a glance whether a stock is worth investigating or not.

All this is possible using great design and the insights gleaned from quantitative research.  Stockopedia is where we try to make it happen !


I post my day to day thoughts and ramblings on twitter - do join me....

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Here’s a small mind experiment. I’ve got two investments to offer you. They are almost identical in what they do and priced at a similar valuation, but the first (company A) is very profitable and spits off lots of free cashflow, while the second (company B) is losing money and requires constant cash funding through debt and share issues. Which company would you rather invest…

It's been a cracking start to the year for stock markets, and an even stronger start to the year for high StockRank shares. While the benchmark FTSE All Share Index is now up 4.2% since the end of 2016, the top 10% of UK stocks as ranked by the Stockopedia StockRanks has more than doubled this performance, generating a 10.0% return. The participation in this…

After a year of treading sideways, and mostly lagging the market, since June 2016 shares ranked 90+ by StockRank on the LSE have rocketed in price.  Brexit was the trigger for a general surge in share prices on both sides of the Atlantic... but the top ranked set of stocks has significantly outperformed.   The 90+ ranked set has risen 36% in this timeframe versus 22%…

Nearly £7 billion of value was wiped out today in BT, formerly British Telecom, after the phone giant revealed that an accounting scandal at its Italian subsidiary was much bigger than first thought. For around 1 million individual shareholders, this sort of massive collapse at a FTSE 100 blue chip is very rare, and very bad news. We’ve taken a look at the Stockopedia StockReport,…

We’re working on some internal data research tools at Stockopedia which will contribute to a lot of editorial insights, and we hope, some really great product launches in future. Here’s a few insights from my own recent research into the performance of UK StockRanks strategies in the last few years. (Disclaimer: Past performance not an indicator of future results etc).1. Sector Diversification - does it…

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Ian  - it's not like you to buy an Adventurous High Flyer - ;-)  ? PS - if you are wondering where I took the screenshot above from...  we'll be releasing the new Risk Ratings and StockRank Style Classifications  to the site next Thursday - we'll have the above ratings live for every stock in the market.  You can sign up here -

Jim - I presume you are commenting on how poor those public information sources are in their calculations ?If you take a few minutes to open the 2017 Annual Report and calculate the dividend cover yourself you'll see that Stockopedia's data is accurate, but the other public (free) sources are very inaccurate. Earnings per share =  5.39 pence per share Total Dividends per share  = …

It rather depends on your situation.  I'm biased but I would always vote for 100% in stocks... unless:You have very little capital.You seek foreign diversification in a simple collective investment wrapper.Stocks provide direct ownership, you also can access far higher rates of return by building a human-scale portfolio than eating the institutional-scale portfolios delivered by fund management houses. Also - buying stocks is just a…

I've got a better idea about how we can identify companies with moats. Why don't we use the hive mind of Stockopedia to identify moat factors in stocks... e.g. brand names, network effects, scale advantages. We could all tag stocks and then we could score the output and score the contributors... we'd then be able to use these factors in screens. Best way to do…

Worth referring to this article I wrote a few years ago too which goes into Dorsey's moat model in more detail -

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