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This is a thread to follow analyse and discuss Naked Trader stock picks. He has certainly proved his worth as a top stock picker and shrewd mover, and has rightly accumulated a popular following. I would like the discussion to enable participants to learn from his picks and help to find other stocks which would appear to have similar potential to be safe long term…

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Paul i thought the water in Hove was revolting too - I wouldnt drink any of it unless it had been through a brita filter.

IND: alot of trades going through on ISDX too so total at 11.55 is 111.183K = approx £422,495

Great write up Paul. I think that probably alot more people came from London because those are the people that tend to go to those kind of investor shows as that is where they are historically held, and they knew it would be good especially as it was run by David specifically for private investors. People from the 'provinces' probably were not sure what it…

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