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This is a thread to follow analyse and discuss Naked Trader stock picks. He has certainly proved his worth as a top stock picker and shrewd mover, and has rightly accumulated a popular following. I would like the discussion to enable participants to learn from his picks and help to find other stocks which would appear to have similar potential to be safe long term…

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surely where ever you are when you answer the phone you are going to say where you are as it is relevant to the conversation - im on the train so i cant have a row now / tell you i love you / explain why the report wasnt fully completed and no i didnt have a back up. im on the train means dont…

TRT seems to be turning the corner if their update today is for real.

No, they are more than a stationary supplier.

its all very well saying you should have bought and held, but realistically this is hindsight trading. Did anyone think that the market was going to go up and up in 2013? Very very very often repeated on this blog is how overheated the market is and we are due a pullback any time soon, which could be coupled with unrest in middle east, a…

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