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This is a thread to follow analyse and discuss Naked Trader stock picks. He has certainly proved his worth as a top stock picker and shrewd mover, and has rightly accumulated a popular following. I would like the discussion to enable participants to learn from his picks and help to find other stocks which would appear to have similar potential to be safe long term…

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when you say they will be toast ... what would actually happen to them .... nothing! management rarely ever get booted out n matter how bad they are, one might be a sacrificial lamb, but on the whole the smart talking ones will get away with outright failure and theres not much anyone can do about it

and can you tell me what i should have for breakfast tomorrow Paul - im not sure what to do

Be sceptical when reading accounts, very important. e.g. RBS's accounts are meaningless! -

because a dividend would go to all shareholders, not just the elite management. and the management want the cash - as the business is operating for the benefit of the management and not the company owners.

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