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Overseas childhood, Mod Langs Uni, 25+ years M East banking, now shuttling between UK, US and Spain, trying to earn a more or less honest crust investing.

Mainly UK shares, predominantly oilies + 'special situations'.

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Hi all, A bit like waiting for a bus.... GLA

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Hi all, Interesting thread ! I'm not into builders generally (though did very well with Ben Bailey, where I also first met Paul Scott and Carmensfella), but seem to recall there's been some work done on builders' seasonality, viz.: if you buy a portfolio of builders in the autumn and sell the following spring, you almost always make money. Anyone care to confirm/comment ? Many…

Hi rg,Thanks for the illustration, which helps me understand the business model.I understand the intermediation side of the business, but am not clear about the value of the 'enhanced recovery' proposition.This seems a bit like capturing the economic value of otherwise flared gas......but I wonder how much the electricity generated by a small fan in a domestic boiler exhaust is actually going to be worth…

Hi all, Amidst all the hindsight wisdom re Tesco, it appears that Terry Smith, at least, was ahead of the curve.... As to the association of Tesco with Globo and QPP, this seems to be mostly an (admittedly eye-catching) bit of provocative journalese ! I suppose the 'common thread' is an 'aggressive' approach to accounting, adhering to the letter rather than the spirit of…

Hi all, Interesting situation if Scotland DOES vote for independence and negotiations start for unwinding of the Union. There's a General Election in rUK next year, do the Scots get to vote during the transition period ? Assuming not (how can you vote if you're leaving?), then the Conservatives seem a shoe-in. They have committed to hold a referendum on post-negotiation Europe. If rUK decided…

Hi intuitive6191, You write that its clear that the second cites in the UK do not have the economic mass to grow. London's size relative to the other second cities is quite unique in the western world and explains why London will continue to advance Fair point. But AIUI London had population of over 1 million in Shakespeare's day and Bristol - the second largest…

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