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Overseas childhood, Mod Langs Uni, 25+ years M East banking, now shuttling between UK, US and Spain, trying to earn a more or less honest crust investing.

Mainly UK shares, predominantly oilies + 'special situations'.

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Hi all, A bit like waiting for a bus.... GLA

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Hi metier9, I'm pretty certain it's not a good idea to attempt this, as the costs (IIRC)are high and the benefits questionable. Suggest you go to advfn (not often I expect to hear myself say this !) and the TAX board, where the excellent Miata will know chapter and verse. I can also recommend the CGT board on the same site, curated by the equally…

Hi all, Just a reminder (from the last IMS) that RPS are not charged with commenting on reserves.....a misapprehension I (and I suspect others) have been labouring under for some time : ...For clarity, RPS was not retained to produce a report on Reserves or Resources but to provide an interim update of STOIIP and gas initially in place (GIIP) and recovery factors, incorporating information…

Hi Paul et al I've got SPRP in my SIPP at iDealing. No problem in acquiring - except that I didn't buy enough ;-< Re Daniel Thwaites (THW) on ISDX, had a quick shufty (sp ?) Paul : I can see the asset backing is good, the 'issues with ill-judged debt' seems to be that they (along with a lot of other well-meaning but smaller/less…

Hi Paul, I looked at SPGH - briefly ! In a rational world, you'd expect the Govt. of the day to be happy to subsidize free loft installation to everyone in 'heat poverty' because of the energy it would save ie fewer power stations/emissions etc. Or even - dare I say it ? - divert 1/2 % of the est. cost of HS2 for the…

Hi Paul, ALLG is on my watchlist, not least for the turnaround opportunity identified above. Also worth noting that the BoD control about 70 % of the co, the Exec Chairman Allard roughly 60%. He's a director of ABTA and founder of Owners Abroad /later First Choice, while the CEO is a former MD of Lunn Poly. So pretty high calibre, I'd say - with…