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Overseas childhood, Mod Langs Uni, 25+ years M East banking, now shuttling between UK, US and Spain, trying to earn a more or less honest crust investing.

Mainly UK shares, predominantly oilies + 'special situations'.

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Hi all, A bit like waiting for a bus.... GLA

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Hi Paul, Perhaps a bit O/T, but I notice your opening comment ...... I'll rattle through as many [reviews] as possible before my head turns to mush, which usually happens by about lunchtime! .... Have a look at the 'bulletproof coffee' diet : start the day with a blend of coffee, high-quality butter and highquality coconut oil......sounds gross, but it's actually like a creamy latte.....…

Hi billytk, The terms of TUNG's agreement with Insight may not have been disclosed, but it seems likely that the 'turn' TUNG makes will be more than 'pennies'. The agreement is not imposed by the provider of finance, but a (consensual) commercial agreement between 2 parties : Insight gets a 'safe' outlet for its surplus cash, TUNG gets an acceptable (to it) return. On the…

Hi David, I was at Mello 2014 and can vouch for the high quality of the presentations look forward to seeing the videos. My Q : I paid 'full price' for the 3 days, after a 'joining ShareSoc' discount : is that 'full price' or not and - ifi it is - how do I go about accessing the videos ? Many thanks ATB…

The 'calculated fair value' of £ 26-12 sounds pretty compelling, I have to say......:-> I'll have some of whatever they're smoking ! ATB

Hi sully,Re the SPRP FD share sale, he's reduced his physical holding by half, from memory, but has approx 300,000 more shares in his LTIP, which are seriously 'in the money'.So has to be seen in context, I think.All IMHO, DYOR etc ATB