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Overseas childhood, Mod Langs Uni, 25+ years M East banking, now shuttling between UK, US and Spain, trying to earn a more or less honest crust investing.

Mainly UK shares, predominantly oilies + 'special situations'.

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Hi all, A bit like waiting for a bus.... GLA

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Hi Heisenberg,there is no need to risk capital in participating now. I would rather wait for this strategy to really start to prove itself; See, you're like Insight ! ;-> ATB

Hi Heisenberg, I'm not sure that Insight are 'dumb money' here . (1) At a funding rate of 3 %, leveraged a few times, that's a respectable return for 'AAA'type credit risk, which AIUI is what they'd have on the underlying approved for payment invoices. (2) Insight only have 50 or so staff, so it makes sense to subcontract the dirty/labour-intensive stuff to TUNG. Plus,…

Hi guys, Sold my own and my sister's too early also......but think my (doctor) daughter still has hers in the portfolio I set up for her....;-> ATB

Hi all, I follow the Majestic story as a drinker, rather than as a shareholder ;-> At Mello14, one of the presenters made an interesting comment to the effect that quite a few AIM companies' s/price was underpinned by an IHT-motivated customer base - Majestic being a named case in point. FWIW ATB

Hi Paul, Perhaps a bit O/T, but I notice your opening comment ...... I'll rattle through as many [reviews] as possible before my head turns to mush, which usually happens by about lunchtime! .... Have a look at the 'bulletproof coffee' diet : start the day with a blend of coffee, high-quality butter and highquality coconut oil......sounds gross, but it's actually like a creamy latte.....…