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Paul, Re "My original Blog" I don't know why you are so focussed on small stocks now when the opportunity to make money is generally in the big stocks as it is so much easier to buy them without moving the price and also to spead them too. If you see another Argos where will you mention it?

Your last paragraph shows why I thought it was wrong to short ASOS. I don't understand why you would ignore John Maynard Keynes quote from at least 50 years ago that ""the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent". ASOS is increasing sales at more than 15% on last December apparently. People respond to that sort of number, even when something is…

Paul, VLK "It is expected that the last day of dealings in the Ordinary Shares on the Main Market will be 17 January 2014" Doesn't this mean we are still going to see selling pressure as the funds get out for at least another month? Can they announce any takeovers before then if they are still not in AIM? Regards

Hi Singsing, Have Googled for said Youtube clip but to no avai - John Lee Hooker, but nothing else. Any chance of a link? Cheers

I can't edit my previous post but I realise it should have said "2011" instead of "2013" - i.e. this year's increase is greater and therefore momentum is not necessarily slowing at this particular moment.