13th Mar


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Apart from her personal relationship, Could that actually be the angle here? Perhaps it is to ensure Cagle family representation at the top table, at SIA plc if R.C. had to leave for some reason?

Is the run up in the gold price entirely due to an armageddon scenario? I think there's a range of factors: 1. Bigger fool theory and recent experience (it's done well for me so far, so I'll keep buying) 2. Low interest rates 3. Ease of buying (not just etf's) 4. Central bank activity 5. Increasing wealth in countries that are traditional consumer buyers of…

Jimla I think there's merit in what you say. At the EGM some months ago, I recall BH saying how much running AEX were having to make in Ruvuma. IIRC, Tullow's side of things seem to be under-resourced and AEX were having to contribute additional manpower and kit (?). I think this was to explain the rate of progress and that AEX were doing all…

Hi ee I noted what you said above in relation to SIA. Those were all bed and ISA'd many years ago! I really struggled to sell the EO. on the basis that the tax tail should not wag the investment dog and the sale price seemed poor at the time (not now), but it had become a huge position and the tax year seemed a…

Hi Darron, thanks. First time I have been in this position, but looking at the calendar today was exactly 30 days from 5th April, so would dealing have been allowed today or would tomorrow be the first day?