Real Name: harryr

Occupation: Other

Interests: Stocks

About Me:

I like to win,  find stocks that the city has dumped, that gives me the edge as no one is looking at the right place and at the right time. Greed = a loss, never sell at the top just happy to live and not have to work.

Have fun that is what its about.


Investment Strategy

Reduce risk at all cost, buy shares that others no longer want, never buy a stock that can not go up 12 fold within 18 months.

As of today, Oct 2010 only posted two shares on Stockopedia.

Northacre with a share price of 30p, and  I- Design at 14p

Profits lift shares. BIG TIME

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R4E issued an "in line" trading statement this morning to the market. In line is for a £900.000 profit in 2013. That in itself puts the stock on a very low per, however what has caught my eye is the £70M turnover, head office cost reductions and the upbeat tone of the statement. It has taken years to clean up this company [and put it…

The first reason is that big profits can be booked,as we have far more buyers than sellers. The second reason is it is cheap money that is lifting house prices [not higher wages.] The third reason is low rates will not last for more than a few more months or years. The fourth reason is when you want to sell the market will not want…

Valued to go bust at just under one million pounds TRD just might be the recovery stock of the year. Market Cap £1M Results to Feb 2011 came in with a £900,000 loss Results to Feb 2012 came in with a £200,000 profit Results to Feb 2013 are due [based on last year] this week. If one extrapolates those numbers to trend, investors might see…

Or is it.? It is low cap, it started the week valued at £600,000.Few if any shares traded on the LSE have lower valuations. High risk? The market,from todays valuation, says yes. But is it high risk? Well that is for other investors to take a view on. The company looked to have been on the verge of going down a year ago and was…

Last week saw house broker Westhouse Securities lift its valuation for an astonishing fifth time in the last 100 days. At that rate and trend it could be raised another 12 times this year. Publishing Technology (LON:PTO) has moved up over 500% since this time last year, however investors should note that it has come from a very low base. Fabulous for any new investor…

Harryr's Latest Comments

Fek47,great to see you here. Publishing Technology China wins International Book Industry Technology Supplier Award at London Book Fair.

The report and accounts 2013 do not give much insight into what the company is doing in China. Researching the W.W.W I came across this. I had no idea just how large these projects are, nor the market share of China Law Press. 80% If this is what Helen has achieved in just over two years it bodes well for the next ten. Helen Sun:…

Contract news this morning. The wins are for PTO'S new Advance software suite. Advance was designed to produce year in year out recurring revenues for PTO. VIista PTO' S 20 year old software is still producing very high margins and profits.

Results issued today along with a brokers upgrade; In profit to the tune of £700,000 with no tax to pay for years. Full order book,Pub2Web and Advance suites finished and selling well. Chinese J/V in profit after just two years and new orders won. Westhouse have a £5.60p price target just short of 100% upside from todays market open.

The Chinese Joint Venture: PTO and CNPIEC, looks to be steaming ahead. The 3 news items are worth a read. None come from the company, but they do shed light on just how fast the chinese digital platform is growing. . . News item 1/ RosettaBooks and China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation to distribute its catalog to institutions in China New York,…