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Up Aminex (AEX) please as sentiment bottoms and the penny drops that the company now has the funds to make some progress. No down

Trap (TRAP) for the up please. Income should still be pouring in from Athena and I'm hoping for news of one or more deals to give the shares a boost. No down.

Up Soco (SIA) for me please. Fingers crossed this will be the month that sentiment swings positive with a vengeance!

It has to be Soco (SIA) for the UP for me please. It's slightly unfortunate that, after all these months/years of waiting in expectant anticipation, results day is two days after I fly off on honeymoon, so I won't be sitting in front of my computer screen watching the action unfold!!! No down.

Up Soco (SIA) for me, also, please. Hopefully on the back of a successfull H5 well but, even if this fails to come up trumps, surely the market will start to anticipate the capital return/dividend before it is announced in August at the latest. No down for me.