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I will keep my near standing order for Aminex (Aex) going for the up 20% please. Today's reaction to Wentworth's RNS saying that the Tanzanians have notified a delay of delivery of first gas until July is unlikely to be viewed positively by the market, however, one day Rodney........!!! No down.

I was surprised by the SP reaction to yesterday's prelims. To me the accompanying chairman's and ceo's comments read very much as a "the worst is behind us and we are getting back on track" message.

Aminex again for the 20% up please.......GSA must come eventually! No down

My old favourite, Aminex (AEX) for the up please. Surely the GSA will be signed this month and the deals with Solo concluded. No down.

i) January - up Aminex (AEX) please ii) No down iii) 2015 up Aminex (AEX) please iv) No down I'm hoping that this is the month when the elusive Gas Sales Agreement will, at last, be signed, and that this will be the beginning of a glorious year for Aminex. Thanks for running this competition every month/year Flyingbull. Happy New Year to all. Impvesta