12th Dec


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Hi Paul A definite improvement. The new format makes it easier to focus on key information. I agree with RichardK. I would not want to lose your " valuable digressions and insights on companies and their behaviour." I think you should continue with your present stance regarding tipping / advice / opinion.

F W Thorpe is clearly a sound company. Negative aspects are that it is fairly illiquid and spread of over 8% currently.

Re SAL NED selling. Maurice Helfgott was a Director of Retail Profile Holdings Ltd which was acquired in 2010. Along with other main Directors of Retail Profile he sold the vast majority of SAL holding, as expected , in 2013. This is a small remaining holding. See RNS of 2nd May, 2013.

Hi Paul, Was there nothing of interest to report on the 3 companies presenting at the Equity Development Investors Forum? I would be keen to hear about Vislink, which I hold. I look forward to catching up with the Webinar tomorrow. Really appreciate your posts. Many thanks. Cheers, Jas