12th Aug


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well I'm nothing if not hopeful ! re Peters points, I don't think a date was given for tests to take capacity upto 70k, other than stating that plans had been made for what needed doing and that it would be implemented at the next routine shutdown. I agree ee , if I were the fpso owner I would be wanting to get onside with…

Good news re the spud, shame about the cnv well, hopefully that will work out without too much extra work. as that well at least could be bought into production without any fpso constraints. hopefully at some point a deal will be done re the fpso production rates over 55k, although this might not happen until changes are made to allow production at 70k from…

re strength of sterling, I can understand the pound against the dollar being an issue as at 1.7 if's nearly half way between historic highs and lows, but against the euro ? ok it's been down to near parity but the pre crisis norm for pound euro was about 1.5 to the pound so I don't understand why people would expect the rate to stay…

I would have thought that SOCO will investigate buying the pimple, not sure there's any advantage to buying the other assets, whether talisman would want to seperate them off would obviously depend on how that effected the overall price and perhaps other issues. Surely it would be worth more to soco than to another buyer ? K

I might also add that if the Talisman assets in Vietnam are a block to a biggish deal with Repsol, then there may also be the possibility of them being picked up cheaply (which may have operational benefits re capacity management). apart from the bit on tgt, what is the size/value of the talisman assets in vietnam ? I wonder if a deal might involve…