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I have used idealing in the past, they hold GBP and USD seperately, allowing you to buy and sell without this, also pretty competitive on trades though they do charge £5 per quarter maintainence, hope this helps, K

the question re the mirror is will Piers Morgan get caught ? It sounds like he was involved, how else can he explain having heard Heather Mills voice mail? Still I suspect he has friends in high places and this might not be pushed. shame you got out too soon, never mind, you probably did well on what you bought next anyway ! thanks…

not sure I share your confidence re Hayes myself, firstly new cars are much harder to work on, so there is much less that an enthusiastic youngster can do (I appreciate that young people buy 7-10 year old cars, but even going back to that age there's a lot more, plug it into the diagnostics machine to find the problem required), Secondly, I'm imagining that…

They should have priced it at 400 and sold it all to the public instead of to their mates in the city, win win, oh except for their mates who wouldn't have made millions on it, all makes sense. K

Interesting view Paul, we don't have a local Aldi, but we do have a local lidl, I think its great and some things are great value for money, can you do a full shop there ? well I probably would but the mrs would want more choice from other supermarkets. Yes they're cheap, eggs particularly, but milk is cheaper in my local morrisons, before the…