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Kenobi's Latest Comments Interesting article questioning the view that oil exploration is bad vs other development good. Echos some of Peters points from this thread, interesting, K re iterates add , and a round up of some other analysts, K Numis re iterates add , and a round up of some other analysts, K

Hi Paul, I don't collect stamps, did as a boy, and you're right it's a bit pointless, but isn't all collecting ? stamps are worthless, so are coins unless they're made of valuable metals, but then aren't all antiques ? ok a nice sofa or a nice table and chairs might have some use, but the value attributed to antiques is due to what exactly…

That is a great shame, of course being a private company, they have no shareholders to answer too, and I'm pretty sure even if they could make all the fans that they could sell at that price, the profits would amount to less than a rounding error on the vacum cleaner business. Mr Dyson is wealthy beyond the dreams of most already, taking home 50M…