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lol !!! good point ! however without attributing to anyone in particular as I can't be bothered to go back and check who said what exactly, I do recall discussions about how SOCO wouldn't ever produce oil on tgt, and we've had phase one and two now running for years, and about to have H5 go into production hopefully in the next few weeks. but…

>>> As for the "M&A Game" here, it remains a guess - as ever...... yes indeed, I couldn't help but smile at post 452 ... "I don't think that we're going to be around to see the actual start-up of production in H5 - but may well be around long enough to see what the plans are" But as you say, it's a guess. Personally…

I agree that Greece have been treated very harshly precisely because of the danger that Spain, Portugal etc might elect podemos and equivelents and come looking for the same deal that Greece got. I remain of the view that too much austerity in Greece has been the problem, the gdp has fallen 25% over a few years. As paul suggests some kind of mini marshall…

Cannot help but wonder if there's some suitable US based company for whom buying IND would make sense at this point ? if they had a good brand in the market in the US but could use some of their by all accounts good high end products wouldn't this be a match made in heaven ? Not that I know enough about the us comptetitors…

One thing that could push us into a crash of sorts would be a grexit from the euro, or even from the eu, things seem to be getting nowhere, with I guess a slightly more positive bias over the week end, that wouldn't be so out of the blue. Normally I agree these things do seem to happen from nowhere. K

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