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>> I suspect someone like Tesco will come in for Mothercare. yes quiet possibly, though I think tesco have enough problems of their own, I don't know whats gone wrong at mothercare, I recall when they were part of storehouse and sold off the other bits and rebranded the company mothercare. Its had good times since then but I've always wondered if there's a market…

The customer for a funeral director tends not to be the deceased person but the next of kin Of course you are right, it was a bit of a off the top of my head example, (some would say I'm off my head,  but there's not time to discuss that now),  a better example might be wedding type services,  where even if people get re…

Steve there are many businesses like that, you might say the same of funeral services ! However theres also a constant stream of new customers appearing at the bottom end, young people, and people splitting up. Some customers will use the service for an extended period meeting many possible partners one after another. Another thought if that if it does work there is the positive…

Possibly some good news - I would suspect that the share price would spike if as we all expect, the Government decide not to intervene.Unless of course Beginner is right and they never report !K

I suspect you are right, however the uncertainty as to whether the flow monitoring equipment is to be banned or not must be acting as a huge brake on sales, So getting this resolved should slow any decline in flow measuring equipment, and perhaps trigger a spurt in sales that have been on hold pending the decision. K