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to be fair to vianet, it seems to me that a fair proportion of it's problems are caused by external issues, such as this. This is a very tricky situation, I can understand the backlash against stories of brewerys overcharging, pubs closing and landlords being unable to make a profit. However, how would this work ? presumably the idea is they would be allowed to…

Phil, I'm not trying to win friends, I'm trying to provide balance.You can go on repeating this stuff, and it might be true, but it might well not have anything to do with SOCO, and unless you have something other than inuendo, you should really stop over selling it, Is it balance or is it propaganda ??The example I cited about the SOCO contractor utterances… At once immensely profitable and very good at disguising what it does, SOSCO foments and funds conflict in the region in order to gain control of resources and, of course, reap profits.   I hope they have some evidence for the above.  (well actually I hope they don't,  since they've spelt the company's name wrong it's going to be hard to take legal action )reap…

The examples I cite. The first two are documented in the film. I list some behaviour and then a reaction. I did not say that SOCO were responsible for the reactions, however there would appear to be a pattern that any behaviour which challenged the smooth operation of SOCO's implementation was met with an extreme response but not by soco,  so an analogy would be…

Phil, like I said, I'll reserve judgement until I've seen the film, I can't say about the specifics but then nor can you, for example, - de Medrode delivers dossier of alleged illegal activity of SOCO to local prosecutor and the next day he's left for deadyou assume this was down to SOCO ?  why ? I've not heard de Medrode make this suggestion himself,…