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Muckshifter, Thanks for your reply. I have read your posts on various boards over many years on multiple subjects and have always greatly appreciated them and benefitted from them. Thank you for the very considerable efforts you have made. Kinkell

Bezhe Thanks for picking up that point of which I was not aware. I certainly think it is worth following up by asking for an explanation.

Muckshifter, Certainly no such insinuation intended. I most certainly do not think that Paul operates in that way. If I did I wouldn't read his articles. I just feel that perhaps the discussion got off on the wrong foot and the emphasis was perhaps less than it might have been on the possible strengths and weaknesses of the project. I might be wrong. As I…

Interesting comments, thank you. Perhaps a less hostile beginning might have created a better climate for rational discussion? There is a very interesting post by Mount Teide in another place (#1258). Sorry you have missed the bottom of this one, but you may not be too late...!!!

Paul, I don't think it is an emotional matter! Its more a question of common sense. If the company had not entered into the construction phase and therefore contractual relationships, your scheme would be perfectly feasible. I honestly don't think you are taking that factor into account. Incidentally When you accuse me of being emotional I wonder if you are thinking I am under water…

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