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Real Name: JOHN333

Occupation: Analyst

Interests: Private Equity

Location: Berkshire

About Me:

700 club gold member. Anniversary yesterday 1/10/2013. Recently returned from New York with a wish to see Wall Street for myself as a bit of a satisfying accomplishment. I first got interested in investments when I was a financial advisor for 14 years. I learned a lot & went to quite a few investment seminars. The one I remember particularly was with Fidelity. They visited the companies that they invested in and held them for a long duration in their portfolios. The other thing was with different currencies that they could buy a particular stock with and of course sell it if it was favourable with another currency. This was potentially more risky of course. It was not long before I realised that all the money from the insurance premiums had to be invested and who was doing it. We used to sell investment bonds where 5% was allowed to be taken tax free once a year on the anniversary of the policy which could run for 20 years.There was a choice of Managed, Property, or Equity to invest into. It was at this point of time that the Property fund went up 40% in less than a year. A simple comparison with the Managed and Equity funds showed the difference. I was soon taking a keen interest in unit trusts and shares, looking for things that were going up and the highest that they had been and bought them. I bought a software package with Up-data which enabled me to be much more efficient, putting stop losses in. Drummed into my head was cut your losses and sell when a stock breached the stop loss and let the profits run. Another stepping stone was to buy myself a Rolls Royce silver shadow that was chestnut brown in colour. The reasons were threefold. 1. That I could afford it. 2. The two managers for the insurance company that I was working for were called Douglas & Rolls. 3. I was still single. As well as doing the insurance business I joined an investment club in Basingstoke and became their chairman. We closed it this year sadly because of ill health with some of the members. Now I have a portfolio that I am able to take out (if & when I want to some cash) just like the insurance bonds but much more flexible. I enjoy the technology stocks and have taken profits several times from Arm Holdings which is the only share that I have held for many years now. Having just got this Stockopedia yesterday (first saw it at an investment seminar in London earlier this year) when I noticed Dart Group (DTG) so that is now in my portfolio too. I suppose you could say I am an analyst & a chartist. It was good to see my portfolio already has Globo, , Blinks, Clingen ,Dart, Wanddisco, opay,Easyjet ,LLoyds Arm Telicom Plus(which has doubled and a bit more but then started to drop so I have just sold almost half and re invested the proceeds into ASOS.) In conclusion I hold about 20 shares, and have just INCREASED my holdings in Globo about two weeks ago, and noticed someone has reduced their holding with Globo to 3%.I hope they are not still holding the poor pawnbroker shares (guess who) -40% in one day followed by further catastrophic drop. A good case for a stoploss . Join the 700 club and put some money to work I say.

Investment Strategy
I trade... constantly
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... a few months
Diversification is ... essential to reduce risk
Look for good profits,100% growth per year with increase from 1 week 1monthmust be higher% so must 3months & 6months.Share must be as high as it has been & still going up.Volitility minimal. I also check for 5 years If I can.


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MOMO has just released Q4 results :- Revenues up 524% to $246.1M Net income up from $6.1M to $83.6M Active monthly users up from 69.8M to 81.1M Figures from Thomson Reuters Mobile games have increased by 45% At least this is undervalued compared with SNAP which is overvalued according to Vector Vest. Good to check the charts with Stockopedia.

Having the screen search set for > 30% in a month up comes a selection of fast moving shares.including Purple Bricks. TRIN has now more than doubled so far and having top sliced my origional purchase am in a good position of "in for nothing" and let the rest of the shares run. With all green lights in the momentum section it still looks OK…

By double digit, that is at least !0% pa & paid monthly.That was not possible here in the UK, but it is possible in the US by carefully selecting a handful of companies that do just that. The good thing about this is as soon as the shares you are holding goes XD, you are Guaranteed the payments of course. From a watch list of…

Schroders & Black Rok have bought into S32 late September. The loss in net profits from previous years is estimated to go into significant estimated profits in 2017.From - $1,615M to +$451.2M. 20th October is a quarterly report followed by a shareholders meeting on 24th November, but the most interesting could be on the 23rd Feb 2017 when estimates of earnings will be released together…

Yirendai - a China based peer-to-peer lender that floated on the New York Stock Exchange in late 2015. Net income Q2 2016 increase by 226%.Q2 loans RMB 4538M or $682.9M, up by 118%. Q2 revenues up by 140%The potential for this must be huge. They already have 196,059 investors. Simply see the share chart!I was chatting to a friend of mine down the allotment a…

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I tried last year filling out the forms, but after considering what was required with personal information that could put your personal identity like passports, etc at risk decided not to bother risking it in the end and paying the 15% tax requirement, which still left a healthy dividend payment. I will have another go and see exactly what the requirements are for ID. Has…

The potential for this share is huge. Every second the internet has approximately 6,000 tweets and more than 40,000 Google queries as well as more than 2 million emails are sent. Figures from the 700 club magazine.MOMO has a stock momentum 99 & rank of 45Up today 12.5% @ $33.75

Hi Michaelevens, you could try changing the chart styles. The Fibonacci Retracement is showing a tad above 200p for S32. If this happens then it could begin to make new highs.

Hi James, the screen that I have set is monthly %age change > 33%. There are currently 58 shares in this search. Share prices in this search can move extremely fast during the day with high volumes. It has certainly worth having a watch list with these. The other screen that I have is yearly % age change > 100% which brings up the likes…

This is not the only share in this sector doing well. Under the same simple screen search there is another 4 cutting new highs. VOG stock rank 89  up 15.7% today AEX stock rank 26   up  5.1%  today SOLO stock rank 31  up 5.8% today JOG stock rank 14    up 4.7% todayand TRIN stock rank 39  finishing up 15.6% todayNot yet in the screen is…

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