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Readers of this board might like to know that if you have suffered losses resulting from relying on public information the Co-op bank disseminated which they knew to be false e.g. the 2012 accounts then you can make a claim against the Co-op bank for loses. I think it is time for everyone affected here to take action and make a claim against the Co-op…

We have some quite dramatic drops today in the Oil and Gas sector providing some bargain values (depending on your point of view) for many stocks. On my watch list, I have:Europa Oil & Gas (LON:EOG) is down 10% (after a big fall yesterday) to 27.5p. It is looking very likely that West Firby will come online around about expectations putting Core NAV around the…

This blog has been setup for general discussion of many different oil and gas companies similar to the TMF thread here The thread is intended for general market gossip and chat on a variety of subjects which are perhaps not suitable for the company specific blogs that already exist. For example comparing two oil companies which have similar assets. The thread/blog welcomes light hearted…

Following the recent rights issue I belive there are now 2.1Bn shares in issue and the share price is now 25p. Thought I'd do a bit of finger in the air arithmetic to see if the shares at this price are worth buying. Turnover has never really been a problem for DSGi and stands at a whopping £8.1bn but obviously they need to make a…

So we now have the incredible situation of 27bn shares in lloyds in issue! Lloyds have sacrificed shareholder value to aquire HBOS because it gives them huge market share only to find that EU competition regulation mean they might not be able to exploit this monopoly.Blank has gone (or is going) which I suppose is a good thing but no doubt he'll get a big…

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Regarding SEA looks like they are using a virtual reality (VR) headset made by a third party in their R2S (return to scene) software which allows users to do a virtual walk through of an offshore oil installation or similar. I guess the VR device gives users a better experience of actually being there. The reference to Facebook is because facebook also using same technology…

Paul I'm taking a similar view with my Ocado short but so far I'm underwater. These stocks which are priced so highly fall hard on any growth miss usually from a trading update which fits with your gearing argument nicely.

Isn't the obvious problem that when these lights become a bit cheaper the actual size of the lighting market will in effect drop dramatically because the time to failure of LED lights is so long. Simply put they'll cost 2x as much but last 10x longer. I have no doubt replacing current incandescent lights is a no-brainer and adoption will be swift. What worries me…

Hard to say ex but if 50% of free cashflow being returned + this sort of explo reduces free cash flow => less returned Log

Gulp looks like a very expensive (but possibly very high reward) prospect to farm into. Look how much the likes of Cobalt are spending drilling these deep water prospects. Early days but I'm always a bit reluctant to cheer any move towards spending all the lovely TGT cash flow on new basin exploration. Horses for courses as it might come in but I'd prefer return…

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