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Occupation: Company Director, Entrepreneur, Other

Interests: Derivatives, Oil, Stocks

Location: Hastings, East Sussex.

About Me:

Stockmarket investor since 1964.

Buy and long term hold. Spreadbets. Sells covered options. I know the difference between a changed valuation and a profit / loss. I also know the difference between investing and gambling.

 2008/9 was my best year for profits, ever.

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Positive; (my opinion) Their cost of producing oil; low $20s /barrel Market was slightly positive this morning; up 1% after the 5.7% fall yesterday "conservative estimates of initial flow rates" from the TGT/H5 well. Oh yeah, Pull the other leg!that's the one that flowed at 27,000 bbl / day! Plus a lot more wells drilled since.  Soco hopes to perforate levels in existing wells which…

I published a reply in the online forum this morning; Nice report, FT, but it would be much better if it was not 18 months late. We are in October 2014, not March 2013. I have invested in Soco International for the last 14 years, know the company very well and have a fifteen fold capital appreciation on my original investment. Plus a 40p…

I have sent this to Roger Lawson at Sharesoc this morning; I challenge the legality of the enormous increase in H-L's charges followed by even more charges for taking my business elsewhere. If enough people are willing to join me, I will; - make a formal complaint to the FCA on the grounds of bad conduct. - Make a refusal to accept the charges, in…

My wife and I attended the last Oilbarrel and enjoyed it. Sorry nobody turned up, the Italian meal was super. The best presentation was from consultants Rockflow, I will post it later when I have permission to do so. The most interesting was San Leon which is currently fracking in Poland and producing some gas; If anyone is interested, my contribution, 3 questions, is…

Sharescope and other services publish dividend yield percentages, I use Sharescope. They include ETFs, but have nothing entered in the yield column. Lots of upbeat articles have been written about ETFs and their very low management fees, 0.15 to 0.3% in the case of Vanguard. This implies that nearly 100% of the underlying investments dividends are paid out; but are they? Where can I check?…

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Thanks to both of you for your very helpful additions to our knowledge here. Does anyone know when our Vietnam licenses expire? MD

Minor correction; - See more at: "Pull the other leg!that's the one that flowed at 27,000 bbl / day!" I am discussing the flow of the well, NOT the flow of my leg!! :-) In case anyone is wondering .... MD

T; thank you for your advice. I will ignore it. I have taken legal action 21 times in the last 35 years, and have won 20 out of 21. Cases include; - Legal & General for an insurance claim. I accused them of behaving like a L*b****e fruit and vegetable merchant. I upped my claim 50% and they paid in full. -  My former auditors…

Any ideas to explain the large Soco International price fall?I was expecting the ex dividend to reduce the price by 22p, but the fall was about three times as much. I checked other oil companies and have concluded that the Soco fall was not related to the oil sector,So why has it happened? It caused a £2000 loss since I was stopped out of a…

tournesol, I am 100% with you. The defamation must be stamped out and the more painful for the perpetrators, the less we will see in the future. MD

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