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Occupation: Company Director, Entrepreneur, Other

Interests: Derivatives, Oil, Stocks

Location: Hastings, East Sussex.

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Stockmarket investor since 1964.

Buy and long term hold. Spreadbets. Sells covered options. I know the difference between a changed valuation and a profit / loss. I also know the difference between investing and gambling.

 2008/9 was my best year for profits, ever.

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I have sent this to Roger Lawson at Sharesoc this morning; I challenge the legality of the enormous increase in H-L's charges followed by even more charges for taking my business elsewhere. If enough people are willing to join me, I will; - make a formal complaint to the FCA on the grounds of bad conduct. - Make a refusal to accept the charges, in…

My wife and I attended the last Oilbarrel and enjoyed it. Sorry nobody turned up, the Italian meal was super. The best presentation was from consultants Rockflow, I will post it later when I have permission to do so. The most interesting was San Leon which is currently fracking in Poland and producing some gas; If anyone is interested, my contribution, 3 questions, is…

Sharescope and other services publish dividend yield percentages, I use Sharescope. They include ETFs, but have nothing entered in the yield column. Lots of upbeat articles have been written about ETFs and their very low management fees, 0.15 to 0.3% in the case of Vanguard. This implies that nearly 100% of the underlying investments dividends are paid out; but are they? Where can I check?…

I have some shares in this company, which has been inactive since 2004. I can find no record of it being delisted. Any information?

I posted this in the other place today, in reply to some posts knocking Soco. I can help this debate by adding some previously unpublished information re dividends. I posted my intention to ask for them on Stockopedia before the 2011 AGM, and received some considerable flack for suggesting it; I was advised not to ask, from an unlikely alliance of ee and Isaac, who…

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Brilliant, Extrader. Such a good laugh deserves a thumbs up! Thanks for so much info, ee. Could the pimple have played a part in a double counting? Sort of "buy two but get only one? Maybe I have misread.....

ee, I thought HST was "a pimple on TGT's arse" according to our favorite CEO, or is my memory playing tricks with me? If not, it must be a rather big pimple! Would you trust Talisman's claimed figures?

Brilliant ee. Classic you! Mike

Financial Times, 2nd July. Oil Explorers Hit Rock Bottom. My contribution to the debate. Guy Chazan and Michael Kavanagh have today presented a list of misery but have missed the enormous success of FTSE 250 explorer and producer Soco International, with its TGT oilfield offshore Viet Nam. It had a 20% free cash flow in 2012/13, and since this is a company that pays…

Thanks guys for the help, and especially you, Redhill, for making me laugh on this beautiful English Sunday morning.

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