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Occupation: Private Investor

Interests: Asian Markets, Bonds, Commodities, Derivatives, Economics, Emerging Markets, European Markets, Funds, Geopolitics, Gold, Hedge Funds, Interest Rates, International Stocks, Oil, Private Equity, Property, Stocks, US Market

Twitter: @marben100

About Me:

I am a full-time private investor... with a little trading on the side (generally small-scale arbitrage in specialist niches).

Previously, I spent 24 years in the IT industry, 13 of those running my own IT services firm. I invested as a "hobby" for 20 years before turning it into a full-time occupation in 2004.

I really enjoy the "research" side of investing, finding out about varied businesses and industries and learning what makes them tick. Since going "full-time" I have learnt an awful lot from some very erudite investors & professionals who are kind enough to share their expertise in electronc forums such as this. I can now count a number of them as my friends, having had the opportunity to meet them in the real world, as well as this virtual one!

I try to pay back the debt I owe by sharing what I've learnt and I always value constructive criticism to correct my errors and misapprehensions!

I am a Director of ShareSoc, the UK organisation for individual shareholders. See below for details.



Investment Strategy

Value oriented - but taking account of growth. I always look for "cheap" stocks but adjust my definition of "cheap" to take account of conservative growth prospects. "Cheap" can also relate to asset value, as well as earnings/cashflow.


ShareSoc is a not-for-profit campaigning organisation, promoting individual share ownership, fighting for shareholder rights and providing educational resources to investors.

Web Address:

Address: PO Box 62

Tel: 020-8467-2686

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Marben100's Latest Blogs

I normally post most of my trades to my Twitter feed, for those interested in what I've been doing, investment-wise. On Friday, I tweeted that I was too busy reacting to events to be able to tweet all my trades and that I would do a consolidated post about what I had done, so this is that post...My view on what is likely to happenAll…

As many Stockopedia readers will know, ShareSoc is the UK's leading not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of UK Individual Shareholders. We are most grateful for Stockpedia's support, since our launch in 2011 and are happy to endorse the good work that the Stockopedia team do.Since our launch, most of the work entailed in ShareSoc's day-today running has been done by a group of unpaid volunteers,…

"Never average down" is an old trading maxim (as illustrated by the linked article), but is it a correct one?Contrary to the article, I do quite frequently "average down"... however, I don't see it that way and, as with many maxims, there is grain of truth, which I will try to elucidate in this short article.Let's consider what "averaging down" means: it implies that the …

I was flattered by the feedback I received at our last investor Masterclass, in July, so I'm pleased to be able to announce our next one. It starts at 5pm on the 4th November 2015, with registration and pre-event drinks served from 4:30 pm. The main part of the event finishes by 8pm. It will be held at the offices of IG Group in the…

The price of oil (and energy in general) is significant for all investors, not just those invested in oil companies, as energy costs are a key input to the economics of many businesses. Hence the recent sharp decline in prices will have widespread economic ramifications, not just the obvious impact it has already had on the share prices of businesses linked to the sector. A…

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Hi Rhoboid1,After the 2011 results were published and signs of problems with the Brazilian economy became more apparent, I trimmed my holding heavily, in 2012 (retaining a small holding for monitoring purposes). Last month, however, I added back some shares, at a similar level to you, on some signs of improvement to volumes being handled by Wilson Sons.I am cautiously optimistic and, as you say, …

Hi Maddox,There were 3 primary reasons for the IPO AIUI:Mark Watkin Jones is now the only family member actively involved in the business (which is now vastly larger than when he took charge). Other family members were looking for an exit for their shareholdings, which the IPO provided.Senior management is incentivised with shareholdings,. A market quotation makes the value of those shares meaningful and makes…

This is a good & pertinent article, with a timely warning for investors. However, I feel that there is some confusion in the comments.Posters seem to be confusing "price targets" and "buy/sell" recommendations with earnings forecasts. I pay little attention to price targets and recommendations, which are generally driven by the broker's marketing objectives. As Ben & Ed say (based on sound academic studies), even…

One further thing I meant to say, regarding sterling, is that it is important to consider its valuation relative to other specific currencies. At present the US dollar looks like a much safer haven - but that could change in the event of a Trump  presidency. Similarly, the potentially destabilising effect of Brexit on the EU could impact confidence in the Euro - so its…

Time will tell who is right on this! Thanks anyway for your write-up, which is available to ShareSoc subscribing members here: you're not already a member you can join here: hTTp:// Once you've joined, you'll receive an invitation to register for our "members network" private social network, from where you'll be able to access the report (and reports on 100s of other meetings). If…

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