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Occupation: Private Investor

Interests: Asian Markets, Bonds, Commodities, Derivatives, Economics, Emerging Markets, European Markets, Funds, Geopolitics, Gold, Hedge Funds, Interest Rates, International Stocks, Oil, Private Equity, Property, Stocks, US Market

Twitter: @marben100

About Me:

I am a full-time private investor... with a little trading on the side (generally small-scale arbitrage in specialist niches).

Previously, I spent 24 years in the IT industry, 13 of those running my own IT services firm. I invested as a "hobby" for 20 years before turning it into a full-time occupation in 2004.

I really enjoy the "research" side of investing, finding out about varied businesses and industries and learning what makes them tick. Since going "full-time" I have learnt an awful lot from some very erudite investors & professionals who are kind enough to share their expertise in electronc forums such as this. I can now count a number of them as my friends, having had the opportunity to meet them in the real world, as well as this virtual one!

I try to pay back the debt I owe by sharing what I've learnt and I always value constructive criticism to correct my errors and misapprehensions!

I am a Director of ShareSoc, the UK organisation for individual shareholders. See below for details.



Investment Strategy

Value oriented - but taking account of growth. I always look for "cheap" stocks but adjust my definition of "cheap" to take account of conservative growth prospects. "Cheap" can also relate to asset value, as well as earnings/cashflow.


ShareSoc is a not-for-profit campaigning organisation, promoting individual share ownership, fighting for shareholder rights and providing educational resources to investors.

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Address: PO Box 62

Tel: 020-8467-2686

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Greetings! I am preparing a course on behalf of ShareSoc, designed to help investors who are not very comfortable or familiar with the range of tools now available to them. Now, I appreciate that most readers here are already "web savvy" and this course will probably not be suitable for you. However, maybe you know someone who isn't quite "up to speed" and would welcome…

I have recently made a small investment in Ophir Energy (LON:OPHR) , thanks to @WShak1 alerting me to the price drop following the placing by early investors Och-Ziff and Mittal. As it turned out, this was shortly followed by a large rights issue, which I shall be happy to take up. Ophir has been on my radar for a while, as a highly successful explorer,…

Earlier this week, a very important article/study was reported on by Reuters, following on from the original press release from the University of Texas here.  I have been sceptical that shale gas is the panacea it's been touted as. My concern was whether the CAPEX required for drilling and fracking was economically justifiable, given the rapid decline rate of shale wells. Whilst such wells produce…

Inaugural ShareSoc Technology Company Seminar    ShareSoc is pleased to launch the first of a series of technology company focussed seminars exclusive to ShareSoc members. The event will take place on the 20th March 2013, in the City of London, commencing at 5:30 pm. Three companies will be presenting and answering your questions: Escher Group (LON:ESCH) : a developer of software for the postal industry. Deltex…

A place to discuss usage, moderation policies etc of the Stocko-hub:  I can incorporate any agreed rules, after debate here, in the header of the main Stocko-hub thread.

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He was also a substantial shareholder of Silverdell, when it collapsed. ;0)

Up Nighthawk Energy (LON:HAWK) for me... hoping for/expecting refinancing news soon, to reassure markets & increase drilling flexibility.

Hi Paul,Re the dotDigital (LON:DOTD) cash, most unusually, the company genuinely consulted with shareholders to get their views on dividends and did decide to start paying a small dividend, which I expect to be increased progressively. However, this does, as you correctly indicate, represent only a small part of available cash.My understanding of the company's strategy is that rather than spending the cash on acquisitions,…

I'd just like to make one further point about Begbies Traynor (LON:BEG) . I wasn't overly impressed with the results this morning, especially following a strong run since I purchased last November, with a top-up in January, so was in two minds whether to take my profits & run. However, it occurs to me that an investment in Begbies is a natural hedge against rising…

You can find Gotham's forthright comments, which Paul refers to, on the front page of their website here: 

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