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Real Name: Mark Carter

Occupation: Private Investor

Interests: Asian Markets, Funds, Stocks

Location: Scotland

Twitter: mcturra2000

Fantasy Fund: Magic Hat

About Me:

I am a private investor living in Scotland. I am a computer programmer by trade.

Investment Strategy
I trade... monthly
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... a year
Diversification is ... important, but not beyond 10 positions

I tend to follow the guiding principles of Ben Graham, although since 2011, I am becoming increasingly interested in GARP stocks.


Investment blog of an amateur private investor. The blog also contains non-investment related posts.

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The MCX (FTSE250) is up 117% over a 5-year period. Less spectacularly, the UKX (FTSE100) is up 62% over the same period. So we must be way overdue for a correction, right? Obviously it would be foolish of me to categorically rule out a correction or bear market. Anything can happen. But consider this: The market was at a very very low point 5 years…

It’s the end of the tax year, so I thought I would do a little portfolio review. It’s generally more convenient for me to do my accounting based on the tax year, as opposed to calendar years. My personally-selected portfolio returned around 28% for the year, which compares favourably with the FTSE ALL SHARE INDEX (FTSE:ASX) of 9%. That sounds great, but when you consider…

Schroder’s “The Value Perspective” wrote an interesting article in Jan 2014 entitled “Recovery position – Companies that have fallen heavily in value can go on to make big returns” ( The notes that of the shares that lost 90% of their value, just 3% went bankrupt. About 40% of them lost money. 16% went on to 5-bag. I have taken the values from their graph,…

An article by Richard Beddard on MCB (McBride) ( prompted me to share my thoughts on Finsbury Food (LON:FIF) and WM Morrison Supermarkets (LON:MRW) . It will be decision time for me with regards how I intend to change the Magic Hat portfolio over the weekend. Richard sums the problems with respect to supermarkets and their suppliers in a nutshell: “Morrisons’ highly publicised strategy to…

I have taken a look at Damodaran’s re-valuation for Tessa, the electric vehicle manufacturer. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he found it to be overvalued. I had a look for cars on the Tesla website, and they retail at 50 grand a pop. To be honest, I think that’s all the fundamental analysis you need! I’ll be sticking to my Volksy. Thanks. But I digress. The point is…

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Impressive performance. I'm green with envy! I like the diversification of sectors. Some funds that one can see on Stockopedia are sector-biased in the extreme (which basically means oil and gas), which seems kinda crazy to me.  

One day, a friend saw Nasrudin the Mullah eating a bowl of red hot chillies. Nasrudin was panting, his face was red, and tears were streaming down his face. His friend asked, "Why are you eating all those hot chillies?". Nasrudin replied, "I'm looking for the sweet one" And the point is? CAMK, NBU. Chinese companies, Less than 2 years flotation apiece. 'nuff said.

Here is some up-to-date recalculations by me of median PERs by index: AIM 17.015 FLEDGLING 14.33 FTSE100 16.78 FTSE250 16.69 NONE 18.78 SMALLCAP 15.99 So AIM is now looking relatively expensive.

"My feeling is that AIM is now seeing a lot of institutional money come back into it's stocks." Well well ;) Back in August I posted that AIM seemed on a PE of about 9, whilst the FTSE100 and FTSE250 were around 15-16. That's a mighty discount compared to the rest of the market, and makes is look ripe for a re-rating. Plus, if…

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