3rd Apr '13


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I've just entered on the August contracts at a $16 spread.

I'm now out at $12.7 having doubled up at $15. I wanted to exit because I think on Bank Holiday Monday Brent will be closed whilst WTI is trading, and trading on margin I didn't want to be exposed to one side alone for a whole day.

Interesting, I had wondered if the roll influenced the spread positively for us. I've now exited again for the time being having hit a virtual stop at $12.5 - looks like the spread is trending higher again for the time being. Have a good time away, hope it is relaxing! Cheers, Max

I've got one from Tournesol - thanks Tournesol, much appreciated. Fangorn - thanks for the offer but I will not need yours. Cheers, Max

I've reentered the June contracts at $12.7 after seeing a high of $13. I'll have to take a look at CMC - sounds interesting.