Real Name: David Whitehouse

Occupation: Private Investor, Other

Interests: Asian Markets, Economics, Private Equity

Location: London

Twitter: @DBWLondon

Fantasy Fund: Monty9's Fund

About Me:

Chartered Accountant. CFO in a City trading and fund management company.  Previously part owned and ran small financial software company.  Involved in trade sales of that and similar companies an AIM IPO, a placing and 2 takeovers. Country manager for early 1990's derivatives system business in Japan and Hong Kong.

Investment Strategy
I trade... weekly
I tend to buy... on instinct
I hold for... a year
I invest with... <£500k
Diversification is ... important, but not beyond 10 positions

Private investor.  Conservative investment in relatively high risk investments with high upside.  Prepared to take a number of heavy losses to hold the occasional star.  Ideal holding period is until probate but normally between 2 weeks and 3 years.

Enjoy the freedom of being ableto deal on a whim but have historically done better following some basic research, particularly reading and evaluating the published accounts, and understanding the fundamental proposition of the business.

Typically overweight in technology stocks, prefer if cash positive.

Monty9's Latest Blogs

LRM have just announced their second contract win in 3 days. The latest is to provide its regulatory reporting software to Bank Leumi in New York and London. The previous one stated "... Lombard Risk has been awarded a contract to provide its REPORTER regulatory reporting software in Hong Kong and Singapore for a major wealth management banking subsidiary of a leading Asian bank with…

I have been greatly disappointed, though less surprised, by recent shrill criticism of the immorality of high earners arranging their affairs to minimise tax liabilities. Cameron too is guilty of supporting this mob morality - and he and his sidekick Osborne make the rules. One fears that the next step will inevitably be more poorly judged legislation to target the specific areas where too little…

Globo announced their Dec 2011 results yesterday. They were excellent but the market marked them down a tad; its hard to see why. My initial take on their current position is extremely positive, particularly for those who have some risk appetite where the upside is massive. This is not completely risk free but the underlying business looks to be of such quality the risk is…

A market cap under £50M, partnerships with many of the world's leading electronics companies,IP in one of the most interesting technologies that is gaining a foothold in major consumer markets. Seriously, a company like Samsung might place a value of at least £250M on this. Could fail, but has an equal chance of 10 bagging, or better, in the foresee-able IMHO. I'm in.

Regency Mines (LON:RGM) is a small company with a number of mining and exploration assets and a significant holding in Red Rock Resources (LON:RRR), which is valued at much of its own market cap. It appears to be on the brink of greatness. For value investors the rather complicated structure and limited access to the City PR machine have left the share price below a…

Monty9's Latest Comments

As Paul suggests we seem to be in the middle of a fairly major shakeout; story stocks have been marked down even where news seems at least as positive as prior indications, a good example is Synety. Any sort of profit warning or even a lacklustre announcement is punished - e.g. Inditherm. Strong cash flow and steady profit, preferably with a decent dividend yield remain…

An excellent basis for the Monday debate, thank you! Disclosure - Long

I too like the new format. Not a biggie but I would slightly prefer the No. of shares line (which can be imputed from price and market cap) to be replaced by most recently published pre-tax profit (or loss). Regards

£50K is a pretty good stake for a small cap portfolio IMV. And way too much to loose carelessly. I subscribe to a tipsheet "The small company Share Watch" written by Smit Berry (i.e. I pay them not the other way round!). They started a £50K portfolio in March 2001 which is now worth £710K. They publish trades done with each publication including full dealing…

Thank you swooped - that is by far the best and only comprehensive comment I have read on the matter. The CFO is detailed and rational and convinces me. Sadly the volta face by BDO is no surprise, I have been on the receiving end of similar thumbscrew tactics from even larger audit firms.

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