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Investment Strategy

Value, low PE, low EV/sales or discount to NAV for resource shares.

Bullish on oil, uranium & soft commodities long term.

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I've set up a page where you can enter your top ten holdings (by value) and see everyone else's. There's an optional cash holding % box. It also compiles the Top Top Twenty continuously. Credit to Carmensfella for the idea. We'd like as many entries as possible, so make yours now. Don't worry about the exact order of your top ten. New features Correlation with…

Many investors have asked if the Mello* company presentations and Q&A can be broadcast. Not yet, but the founder of Mello investor meetings, David Stredder, has worked with other experienced investors to close the gap between boards and shareholders. A new video channel that allows each and all to have their questions put to directors, Mellocast ( has been launched today. The first film is…

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I cannot see any difference at all between a commissioned research note, and a house broker note. Both are putting the bull case, and being paid to do so by the company. Both sources are conflicted but I'd put more weight on an established brokers who have much bigger reputations to consider. I'm sure some Jonny-come-latelys will be willing to write unctuous froth to get…

Roger, Edelman's allegations aren't nebulous, just hard to fully understand and backed by circumstantial evidence and his own tests. Is it nebulous to assert that Blinkx is using underhand methods to boost its viewing figures and hence revenue? I've read his blog three times and still don't get it all despite being a website author. If the allegations are untrue then Blinkx can sue. I…

Robinson: Morningstar has 2012 normalised-EPS as 11.7. F/C as you stated despite pretax f/c for both years static at £2.3m. 2012 norm-pretax £2.67m. It can't be tax losses being used up, they have been profitable for years. Is amortisation of cap spending distorting figs?

Peel Hunt on GAW H1 "Reduction in forecasts. We are reducing our FY numbers from PBT of £22.5m to £17.0m (EPS 38.8p from 49.8p) and 2015E from £24.0m to £20.0m (EPS 45.6p from 53.3p). We are taking a cautious view on H2 sales (-5%) to take account of potential disruption from the move to the new structure. Net cash was £9.3m at the end of…

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