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Investment Strategy

Value, low PE, low EV/sales or discount to NAV for resource shares.

Bullish on oil, uranium & soft commodities long term.

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I've set up a page where you can enter your top ten holdings (by value) and see everyone else's. There's an optional cash holding % box. It also compiles the Top Top Twenty continuously. Credit to Carmensfella for the idea. We'd like as many entries as possible, so make yours now. Don't worry about the exact order of your top ten. New features Correlation with…

Many investors have asked if the Mello* company presentations and Q&A can be broadcast. Not yet, but the founder of Mello investor meetings, David Stredder, has worked with other experienced investors to close the gap between boards and shareholders. A new video channel that allows each and all to have their questions put to directors, Mellocast ( has been launched today. The first film is…

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Re the Friedman quote "The dog catches the car. And, of course, it has no idea what to do with this car. There is no plan."There is no plan! That's not right. No, these dogs want to drive the car but only when they get in the driving seat do they realise they are incapable. There are so many controls which take months to master…

The discount on Pennant International (LON:PEN) alongside the CEO selling 1m doesn't make sense. The rule of thumb is "if it doesn't make sense, they're hiding something." A cynic might think that the CEO told the broker that he'd like to shift 1m shares in the placing. Who knows? These placings still operate as though the internet was still a cryptic prediction of Nostradamus. It's…

In my first year of physics at uni I was taught error analysis. We learnt it was misleading to give the result of an experiment to measure the acceleration due to gravity as 9.808m/s^2 if the instruments and no of measurements did not support accuracy of 0.001. We would give as result as eg 9.81+/-0.03 m/s^2. So an immediately and clear problem in analysts' notes…

0.0003p? That would be a ludicrous business model. It's a much better 0.03p per podcast!

Every time I was tempted to buy Flybe (LON:FLYB) because it looked so cheap I repeated to myself "Never buy an airline". One of the few rules I have never broken. Reading Buffett's witty observation years ago has helped: "I like to think that if I'd been at Kitty Hawk in 1903 when Orville Wright took off, I would have been farsighted enough, and public-spirited…

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