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Investment Strategy

Value, low PE, low EV/sales or discount to NAV for resource shares.

Bullish on oil, uranium & soft commodities long term.

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I've set up a page where you can enter your top ten holdings (by value) and see everyone else's. There's an optional cash holding % box. It also compiles the Top Top Twenty continuously. Credit to Carmensfella for the idea. We'd like as many entries as possible, so make yours now. Don't worry about the exact order of your top ten. New features Correlation with…

Many investors have asked if the Mello* company presentations and Q&A can be broadcast. Not yet, but the founder of Mello investor meetings, David Stredder, has worked with other experienced investors to close the gap between boards and shareholders. A new video channel that allows each and all to have their questions put to directors, Mellocast ( has been launched today. The first film is…

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What put me off Cambria Automobiles is the director pay and bonuses of £1.1m. The CEO alone got £750k. 50% more than the dividend. That's 3x average for a £50m cap firm. See

Telling lies to make money from shorting is wrong and is already illegal. However it's ironic for Roger to think that companies have "no adequate legal remedies" for libels from shorters. The playing field is tilted, but toward companies, who can and do use shareholder's money to bring libel actions, and discover the identity of any poster if justified. In contrast it is too expensive…

The Mello Derby event site is

Are Snoozebox's V1's worth anything? The company has shown they can't be operated profitably. Surely that makes the asset worth scrap value.

Tesco - better to wait for all the dirty washing to come out. Sainsburys looks the best segment - aspirational but not double expensive like Waitrose. As Morrisons, Aldi & Tesco chase Aldi customers and also cut costs the stores will feel cheaper and people will wonder why they are going to ersatz Aldis but still paying more.

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