18th Dec '12


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Further to my post, I would like to add that 75% of my portfolio lies in SOCO and I have held for well over a decade. I am extremely bullish about SIA and I am sure that 2012 is going to be a good year. Much as I would like to have SIA as a year end entry I feel that a 200% gain may…

Happy New Year to you FB and everyone else. For 20% up I shall go for Aminex on the basis of good results from the Ntorya drill. It is about time the company had a change in fortune. For 20% down I shall go for Heritage Oil with tensions in ME and the continuation of the tax dispute with the Ugandan authorities. For 200% up…

I made a top up today and SIA now forms 67% of my portfolio and I feel very relaxed about it indeed.

Sorry thatwasPanContinental OIl and Gas.

Panacaoninental OIl and Gas (ASX:PCL) is looking good and is worthy of a 20%+ increase. No down. Cheers fb, Norman

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