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Today's Sunday Times carries an interesting article on the extent of pension fund liabilities in listed companies balance sheets and impact on prices. Nothing new in this for those who study financial results. What struck me as interesting is that the report saw a ratio of pension liabilities to net assets of 50% as a marker. Anything above 50% is a amber to red flag.…

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Re. eg Solutuons. The CEO Elisabeth Gooch is the founder and she currently owns 32% of the company. Presumably the eg in the company's name stands for her initials. Shades of the Mike Ashley syndrome.

Hi Paul - Re. PTCM. I liked the results this morning and took a small holding. But with the price dropping I re-examined the accounts in more detail. The only red flag I found this time was (as you point out) , net tangible assets are near zero. Otherwise looks fine.However there is a large entry of -£3.5m , decrease in trade and other payables,…

Hi jimbob2 - Re. CDOG. I bought these shortly after the IPO and I am very bullish about them. Great business model, profitable with exponential growth from day 1. Today's results to me reinforce my original feel.

Hi Paul - RE. KBT. Their adj EPS 18.4p is also flattered by adding exceptional reorganisation costs of 4.2p. Are they really exceptional since 'exceptional reorganisation costs' have appeared in each of their last 3 years accounts at least.

Earlier this year when Simon T published his bargain portfolio, I was gobsmacked to see included in it Naibu and Camkids. I must say that his standing in my eyes went down a notch or two.