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Today's Sunday Times carries an interesting article on the extent of pension fund liabilities in listed companies balance sheets and impact on prices. Nothing new in this for those who study financial results. What struck me as interesting is that the report saw a ratio of pension liabilities to net assets of 50% as a marker. Anything above 50% is a amber to red flag.…

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Re. XAR. Today's (29/8) piece in the Times by Tempus is interesting and rates this share as high-risk buy. It pretty much echos the general view of this board.

I really struggle on the morality of investing in companies such as Fairpoint and others that profit on spreading misery. Here are some examples. In the gaming sector there are some very interesting companies whose business centres around attracting gamblers and increasing their gambling habits. Should I shun them completely? How about defense companies such as British Aerospace which sell arms to middle east countries.…

BOOM in your headline? Does it mean that your feel today full of beans, or were you intending to comment on Audioboom's results? :)

Expensive or bargain depends on the future pans out. From example If pensioners start living much longer than the assumptions made by the buyout company, then that would be a very good deal for Aga. There are other factors coming into play when deciding- a pensions consulting actuary's bread and butter work.

Hi Paul - if you are speaking to the management today, please ask them whether they have been considering de-risking the pension problem by taking steps such as a liabilities buy-out by an insurance company (they are all competing for this type business since the Chancellor shut down the annuity gravy train) or say a longevity swap. Thanks, Ram