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Today's Sunday Times carries an interesting article on the extent of pension fund liabilities in listed companies balance sheets and impact on prices. Nothing new in this for those who study financial results. What struck me as interesting is that the report saw a ratio of pension liabilities to net assets of 50% as a marker. Anything above 50% is a amber to red flag.…

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Hi Paul - a very frank and honest reply. Thank you. Regards, Ram

Hi Paul- your principled attitude is totally commendable and I applaud it. That is why you are one of very few financial analysts I care to read attentively. Now here is a not too serious question. In your visits to companies, you often get wined and dined and given the full charm offensive treatment by senior management. You then have to write about this company.…

Hi Mike - Re. TUNG. I have learnt far from from your note than recent RNS s put out by TUNG. Today's RNS simply says 'watch this space' and it is precisely the same message they put out a little over a month ago under the heading "Tungsten Explores Debt Funding Opportunities". The information value of both these updates is near zero. On the bright…

The problem with shares which are 'in play' with shorters is that their actions change the risk profile from perfectly investable stocks which tick all the boxes to gambling stocks. The price movement is dictated not by fundamentals or market conditions but by deliberate manipulation by a pack of prairie dogs which have selected a target and are out for the kill. So you can…

From your post it seems that you are not aware that Simon Cawkwell,a.k.a. Evil Knievil is behind shorting this share. So proceed with lots of care.