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Today's Sunday Times carries an interesting article on the extent of pension fund liabilities in listed companies balance sheets and impact on prices. Nothing new in this for those who study financial results. What struck me as interesting is that the report saw a ratio of pension liabilities to net assets of 50% as a marker. Anything above 50% is a amber to red flag.…

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RE. HVN. Europe is key to Harvey Nash, representing around 60% of total revenues. So I agree, it might be wiser to wait and see how Europe's economy performs (or not) over the medium term.

Hi Paul - " What a disaster the single currency has been." Too right. To think that we nearly joined the Euro club. Blair tried hard in 2008/9 to get us in and thankfully we couldn't pass the Maastricht criteria. What a lucky escape!

Hi Rob - Thanks for sharing this article. Pretty sobering message from a respected fund manager. I had to read twice the following sentence at the very end of the article."Graham expects the market to continue to run ahead over this period but stands by the view it will eventually crash "as it always does". "Hopefully by then, but depending on what the rest of…

Hornby? we are talking about model railways for hobbyists? granddads wearing flared trousers, kipper ties and  railway guard's hats? kneeling down and playing 'choo-choo' with their grandchildren? Please tell me this is a serious business with a future. :)

Simon T of IC has expressed his views about Cenkos today.