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Paul Re THT, as I posted earlier on ADVFN... "H1 sales down £11.4m on the previous year, with no obvious reason to believe H2 sales will be better than last year. Looks like the broker forecasts are ludicrously optimistic. All IMHO, DYOR. No position in THT." Cheers, Martin

Hi PaulRe CRAW...My opinion - this investment is all about the roll-out of new stores - and remember they already have the cash in the bank to do about 20. So investors will need to be patient as the new (ex-Lidl) CEO starts opening those new stores, and much higher profit should then flow through.Only a small point but my understanding is that the process…

Hi Paul Whatever you are on today... ...perhaps the rest of us would be advised to avoid it... ...especially if we're driving. Your report is very entertaining :-) Cheers, Martin

Paul, Many thanks for your consistent high-quality SC reports throughout the year. Best wishes, Martin P.S. With NXR, one hopes the rest of the B/S assets are not similarly over-valued.

Hi Paul Thank you for your reply. As you probably guessed, I am long PLUS, but I don't see the viewpoint in your last post as at all unreasonable. Obviously I am hoping the growth will be ongoing. Regards, Martin