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Hi Paul Thank you for your reply. As you probably guessed, I am long PLUS, but I don't see the viewpoint in your last post as at all unreasonable. Obviously I am hoping the growth will be ongoing. Regards, Martin

The difficulty for people criticising PLUS on the basis of its figures lacking credibility is that PLUS has a different business model from companies such as IGG which, relative to their level, employ far more people and IMHO have a less efficient business model. Its just like TSCO, SBRY or MRW thinking that Lidl and Aldi could not possibly provide ongoing competition to them and…

PeterI tend to agree with your statement that:"What he now has is an interest in 2,633,843 shares, with an option on an additional 1,5m"As I posted on another thread, perhaps incorrectly, my understanding from having previously worked at an AIM-listed company, is that NOMADs effectively have sign-off authority on RNSes. With this in mind, it would certainly be interesting to know what Canaccord Genuity Limited …

Can anybody explain to me how given the text in the RNS:"For the purposes of securing the Loan, during the period of the Loan Mr Leonoff has transferred title and voting rights in the Pledged Shares."it can be suggested, again as per the RNS that the CEO's interests in OPAY remain at the same level as before the transaction?BTW, given OPAY seems a solid growing…

Hi Paul In terms of your comments re QPP and other companies, which have made use of the services provided by Equities First Holdings, is it fair to say the associated NOMADs have not exactly covered themselves in glory either? AIUI, they effectively have sign-off on RNSes issued by companies for which they are NOMAD and often request changes if they feel a proposed RNS…