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Hi Paul Maybe I am being overly cynical with VLK but: - I always disliked their use of adventurous targets for revenue and profits growth as a way IMHO of pumping up the SP - I don't like software companies capitalising development spend as there is massive potential for using this to help overstate earnings - It seems very fortunate that they miss H1 targets…

Paul The company has basically stated that they missed their H1 targets but will now (magically?) meet FY forecasts by becoming H2 weighted. Normally you would view this negatively. I am really not sure what is different here. Cheers, Martin

At least, after today's TS, Paul Scott will be able to cover TSCO in his small cap report :-)

PaulThis morning's WH Ireland forecasts for RBN, reflecting the Madrox acquisition, are as follows: 2014 2015Sales £29.3m £36.4mAdjusted PBT £2.7m £4.2mAdjusted EPS 12.8p 20.1pCheers, Martin

Lightningtiger Personally, I would particularly like them to do whatever is necessary to sort out the ridiculous situation with the various taxes being withheld on their dividends. If they go for a full listing at the same time that would be great. Cheers, Martin