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RA/Damian CKN's stock ranking is also affected by the fact that its 2014 results have yet to be added to Stockopedia albeit this is not surprising as the results were only announced on Monday. Cheers, Martin

Albeit I find him highly entertaining at times, I am slightly loathe to write this. but I thought that on Top Gear on Sunday, Jeremy Clarkson made (repeated from elsewhere?) some very valid points about driverless cars. Specifically, in a situation where the car cannot avoid being involved in a serious accident, but can effectively choose which parties suffer the most serious injuries (the person…

Hi PaulWith CRAW, I think its totally inappropriate to view today's TS in isolation. I suggest you read it in tandem with the TS on 08-Jan-15 and in the context of a 31-Jan end to the financial year.Then you can then ask yourself questions such as how CRAW expected to meet expectations on 08-Jan, based on trading to 28-Dec-14, and then, with 5 week's extra…

Hi Ed BDEV and PSN are both just about to report results and forecasts suggest earnings will have grown strongly. Given the V metric is backward looking, presumably it is likely to improve significantly, certainly on the P/E component? I have the same issue with BVS so would appreciate your thoughts. Cheers, Martin

Hi Ed I look forward to hearing Paul's reply on this front to you :-) I find it quite difficult to accept any suggestion that -ve TBV should be a positive when considering how Stockopedia calculates its Value metric. Whatever the studies you refer to, I think many of us probably take more of a PYAD stance when considering value. Will look at your links…