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Given the headwinds faced by TSCO, I would have thought Van Gaal taking over from Moyes is in a much better situation than the new TSCO CEO.

Hi PaulGreat update on JDG. Wish I had taken more notice of your previous comments.Having only previously sold a few, I was quite pleased to find I could exit this morning well above the £12 valuation I initially thought was warranted by today's trading statement. Given the subsequent forecasts you report and the potential for H2 woes, 12xforecast earnings would seem about right to me …

Hi Paul Thank you for your comments on the STVG pension-related RNS. I too am at a loss as to why the SP did not suffer more albeit Edison did issue a note suggesting the pension payments going forward are less than they expected. Just a bit of a surprise (to me) that this was not IMHO fully reflected in any previous RNSes. All IMHO,…

Hi Paul, Is there any possibility you could comment on STVG's pension-related announcement today please? I see Edison havesubsequently issued what is IMHO a very bullish e-mail including a statement that the announcement was very much as expected despite there, at least that I have yet to find, never having previously been any indication that the pension deficit was anything like on this scale. Thoughts…

I did not have Boris Johnson to hand to translate that piece of Latin but Googling indicates it means "Who will watch the Watchmen?" Very true. Unfortunately the main occupation of some of these charities is IMHO to maximise their income which they apparently see as being 100% consistent with their stated objective of maximising the public good in some respect or another.