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Hi Paul Having ventured into commenting on PLUS yesterday, perhaps you could give some coverage on today's trading statement. You probably still won't like them but I think you'll agree that they seem to be growing their revenue and earnings far faster, well above broker estimates, on a far lower rating than competitors such as IGG. Regards, Martin

Paul Maybe a silly question but does this mean you are now less keen on Synety? Thank you, Martin

Hi Paul & David, I have just listened to the whole of your webcast. The webcast did hang about 5 times whilst I was listening to it; but I just refreshed the page, selected play and moved the cursor forward to the time of the hang and this made for fairly minimal inconvenience. Going forward I agree with the suggestions that you could usefully tighten…

Hi Paul Maybe I am being overly cynical with VLK but: - I always disliked their use of adventurous targets for revenue and profits growth as a way IMHO of pumping up the SP - I don't like software companies capitalising development spend as there is massive potential for using this to help overstate earnings - It seems very fortunate that they miss H1 targets…

Paul The company has basically stated that they missed their H1 targets but will now (magically?) meet FY forecasts by becoming H2 weighted. Normally you would view this negatively. I am really not sure what is different here. Cheers, Martin