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Edward, Further to the Edison report, IMHO SAL management is either incompetent or untrustworthy. Whichever it is, SAL seems uninvestable to me. All IMHO DYOR.

Being devils advocate re SAL... ...would you lend a significant (or any) amount of money to somebody you viewed as completely untrustworthy? If no, which would almost certainly be the response of most people, then surely it is prudent for holders of SAL shares to exit their positions with all due haste?

Paul Wrt ESS and their loan notes, their RNS yesterday, entitled "Loan Note Conversion" is highly relevant.. Regards, Martin

Paul If you have the time, it would be interesting to get your thoughts on ESS and RTC both of which announced results today. Thank you, Martin P.S. Have bought some RTC today but not ESS. Its a shame I didn't buy some ESS when David Stredder first mentioned them to me a few months ago :-(

Correction. The exchange rate change would explain about 1.5p of the 4p change in the estimated payout.