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ShareSoc is dedicated to the support of individual investors. Our aim is to make and keep you better informed so as to improve your investment skills, and protect the value of your investment. We won’t shirk from tackling companies, the Government or other institutions if we think you are not being treated fairly.


The ShareSoc Informer is the monthly newsletter of the UK Individual Shareholder Society.  There is a real need to encourage direct investment in the UK stock market, but individual investors will be discouraged if their rights and needs are ignored.  One reason why ShareSoc was formed was to ensure that there is more active representation of your interests to government, companies and other institutions.  Sign up for the newsletter at the ShareSoc website.

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Bango Bango (LON:BGO) , Avation Avation (LON:AVAP) , Sprue Aegis Sprue Aegis (LON:SPRP) and 600 Group 600 (LON:SIXH) are all presenting at our next growth company seminar in London on the 26th November, more details and registration at...

On the 14th October 2014 ShareSoc is launching a campaign to give full rights to ALL shareholders.At present most private investors purchase shares in nominee accounts. With a very few exceptions this means that they have no automatic rights to vote, to attend General Meetings of companies or even receive information on the affairs of the company. Investors in public companies have been disenfranchised and…

There is a ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar at Tavistock Communications in London on the 17th September with Synairgen Synairgen (LON:SNG) , Chapel Down Winery Chapel Down (OFEX:CDGP) , Nature Group NATURE (LON:NGR) and ServicePower ServicePower Technologies (LON:SVR) all presenting. For more information and registration see

Today Croda issued their interim results for the six months to the end of June. Croda is a speciality chemicals company and less than 10% of its revenue arises in the UK. A very substantial proportion comes from the USA and from other dollar denominated sales elsewhere. The high pound (currently over $1.70 to the pound) is having a big impact on companies such as…

The topic of shareholder class actions is a controversial one. Before ShareSoc participates in any such actions, on behalf of its members, we therefore wish to obtain the views of our membership on this subject. We will shortly poll all our members, including associates, to ask your views. If you would like to cast a vote, and receive the other benefits that ShareSoc offers, but…

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This poll is now closed and has received an overwhelming majority of respondents in favour of participation in class actions, where deemed appropriate.Out of 195 respondents, 77% were in favour, 17% against and 6% “Don’t know”.ShareSoc’s board will now consider any specific class action proposals, and act as and when appropriate.Thank you to all those that participated.

Posted by ShareSoc at 12:15, September 9 2013. FT article on dematerialisation The Financial Times published a long article by Jonathan Eley entitled “What price shareholder democracy?” on Saturday. It was in the FTMoney supplement and covered the issue of nominee accounts, dematerialisation and prospective EU legislation. Mr Eley covered most of the issues well but here’s a note I have sent him to explain…

Posted by ShareSoc at 20:16, September 2 2013. Vodafone deal details now available, and most are pleased Vodafone (LON:VOD) have now published the details of the deal to sell their stake in Verizon. I won’t repeat the details here but most investors seem pleased with it. That includes ShareSoc director Stan Grierson who got a few seconds on BBC News explaining how we will now…

Posted by ShareSoc at 09:23, August 31 2013. Vodafone and Verizon – how will they use the cash? ShareSoc has issued a press release on the likely deal for Vodafone (LON:VOD) to sell its stake in Verizon Wireless (see This might realise over US$100bn in cash so the key question is what the company will do with it. Will it waste it on other…

Posted by ShareSoc at 07:32, August 29 2013. Dunedin Enterprise – Chairman stepping down Dunedin Enterprise Investment Trust Closed Fund (LON:DNE) announced its half-year results this morning. They were unremarkable. But the good news in the announcement was the mention that David Gamble is retiring from the board, and hence as Chairman, at the next AGM. ShareSoc attacked this company for the introduction of a…

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