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For those who, like me, still think that nothing beats Quicken (I'm still on 2000 in preference to the recent versions available), there is a simple way to update your share prices using the Stockopedia Folio function. Just reshuffle the columns so that the Ticker and the Bid are the first two columns and then export using the Download/CSV choice at the bottom of the…

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@Paul I would really like to know if that was aimed at me.. and if so ...why??

I can't see how to comment on the Placing Watch site so will ask here- how do you get a value of 5p for the warrants. Without resorting to Black Scholes, I would imagine they would be worth about 2p if you ignore the placing discount.

Another factor worth considering is rising interest rates which will have a beneficial effect on Insurers' investment income.

Surely, if you offer a deeply discounted rights issue which is not underwritten then nobody loses. If you don't take up our rights then they are sold (or you can sell them ) for your benefit thereby compensating for your dilution.