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For those who, like me, still think that nothing beats Quicken (I'm still on 2000 in preference to the recent versions available), there is a simple way to update your share prices using the Stockopedia Folio function. Just reshuffle the columns so that the Ticker and the Bid are the first two columns and then export using the Download/CSV choice at the bottom of the…

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It was in response to the discussion point : "On the face of it , this pledge is for roughly 25 x the funds generated. I wonder whether the security taken covers other things as well that we haven't been told about. Either that, or the CEO isn't a very good negotiator - which doesn't seem likely !"

I think the point is that if the security is needed to be called on due to the share price falling, the security itself also drops in value.

The only comment I would make is that having continually seen a message directing me to Twitter, there were no messages there. I see that the first was at 08:13.

Paul, any observation on the Beneish M-Score for Debs of -0.20 ?