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Real Name: Sanjeev

Occupation: Broker, Company Director, Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor, Private Investor

Interests: Bonds, Commodities, Funds, Gold, Oil, Stocks

About Me:

Not from Texas, nor a ranger, in case anybody's wondering. Chartered Financial Planner based in Harrow, Middlesex

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David As you know from TMF I wasn't able to attend (and I'm looking forward to the videos!). What would make it easier for me to attend next year is to know that I can bring wife & toddler (then 3 yrs old) with me to somewhere that there would be the opportunity for them to enjoy daytime activities without me - I didn't look…

A cautionary tale for anybody that thinks that hatchet jobs don't happen without some fire underlying the smoke, you may find the following enlightening: Re SOCO & lawsuits, I don't agree that they must be seen to be doing something given the absence of some sort of action or financial claim against them. They have plenty of other work to finish, and to be…

Hi ee Just to be clear, as has been mentioned above, there is no prohibition on making further contributions if one chooses to apply for Fixed Protection 2014 - they are allowed and the only consequence of doing so is that the Protection is revoked (the individual does have a responsibility to notify HMRC that they have resumed making contributions). Unless the OP is a…

My reference to Dana wasn't to make a full comparison, just to say that the NEDs they've brought on board along with the Board's own holdings offers some protection against being faced with only a 'take it or leave it' approach. I'm not sure that the diverse asset mix was that much of a handicap when it came to the lack of counterbids, there were…

Quite. However the CVs of these NEDs would indicate that, in addition to their significant holdings, the board has perhaps also taken the precaution from viewing the sale of Dana to make it clear that an auction process will involve more than a single bidder, and that price discovery is going to amount to more than a 'take it or leave it' outcome.