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Diversification is ... a hedge for ignorance

I use a mixture of dart throwing and technical analysis to identify undervalued stocks, and mesmerism to increase their prices. I had unmatched success with this combination, from march to september 2009.

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Here are some graphs: they show a bunch of companies placed according to the automatically generated Earnings-Power (vertical-axis) and Graham valuations (horizontal) from this site. EPV is supposed to consider the firm as it stands today, Graham as the firm it will grow into. AIUI. Overvalued is top left, Undervalued bottom right. No particular rationale for the choices of firms: some are people's picks for…

Volex (LON:VLX) are an electrical cables manufacturer. At the start of the year they were pleased to be a supplier to Apple: '..Significant progress in developing our relationship with our biggest customer, resulting in increased allocations. ..we have made further substantial and largely unbudgeted investments in both capital and operating expenditure in Q1 FY2013. ..1,000 net new production staff during the quarter, more than a…

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I think you're still in time for the 2.30 at Sandown Park.

I'd appreciate a quick kick about of oil services companies, if they' re on-topic today: the only one i looked into lately is Hunting, which has opened up a number of new manufacturing plants in various countries, just in time for this oil crash. The management were confident in the extreme about the demand for their products on the last webcast I listened to (ie…

Not sure if this will add anything to the debate, but here's a picture of the stockmarket, according to Stockopedia. If you could do those Magic Eye books in the '90s you might be able to work this, you just have to go cross-eyed and wait for inspiration The colours are the firm size, red=big.  Not sure if it will display big enough, here goes.…

Console yourself by thinking of the fun, and possible positive experiences, people got running up those debts, getting plastered, etc. Too bad if it went on big tv sets etc instead of something entrepreneurial or educational or good experiences. i draw the line with the activities which don't seem in any way positive - the gambling, smoking.

This is nothing personal, but what is point of using terms like 'play' and 'taking a position': implying ongoing action and strategy? You either own some shares in a company, or you don't some, and (ramping aside) you can't do anything to improve the value of your handful. Have I taken a position in breakfasts by going for the toast-and-marmalade play? The company itself can…