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Diversification is ... a hedge for ignorance

I use a mixture of dart throwing and technical analysis to identify undervalued stocks, and mesmerism to increase their prices. I had unmatched success with this combination, from march to september 2009.

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Here are some graphs: they show a bunch of companies placed according to the automatically generated Earnings-Power (vertical-axis) and Graham valuations (horizontal) from this site. EPV is supposed to consider the firm as it stands today, Graham as the firm it will grow into. AIUI. Overvalued is top left, Undervalued bottom right. No particular rationale for the choices of firms: some are people's picks for…

Volex (LON:VLX) are an electrical cables manufacturer. At the start of the year they were pleased to be a supplier to Apple: '..Significant progress in developing our relationship with our biggest customer, resulting in increased allocations. ..we have made further substantial and largely unbudgeted investments in both capital and operating expenditure in Q1 FY2013. ..1,000 net new production staff during the quarter, more than a…

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Paul. You must have looked hard at the figures for Snoozebox, so can you comment on mine: ZZZ used £18m to create 578 rooms => £31k each. and 578*360 = 208,000 possible nights.6.7m revenue last year / 578 rooms = £11k per room. If at £60 a night (the rate stated for several events), 6.7m revenue = 110,000 nights rented out. so max revenue would…

Well, if a nobel winning lecturer begins his series with EMH and modern portfolio theory, I'm going to go with him, even if he modifies it all later. I dont want to chuck out yesterday's fashionable meme just to adopt today's fashionable meme. Is tim marr blackening the theory by showing us its worst, most simplistic abusers? In ignorance..

This might be the place to make a suggestion for this site: I'm two weeks into the Financial Markets course (lecturer Robert Schiller) flagged up by bsharman, which started with lectures on EMH and the CAPM. I didn't have a road-to-Damascus moment listening to them, but Schiller is an engaging speaker, and since the CAPM seems to be about allowing you to sleep better, it…

About Dialight and LEDs: I can't find the link to it just now, but I listened to an interesting Scientific American podcast recently about laser-driven lights, which are coming on fast, and might overtake the LED revolution before that has fully happened. These are some kind of chip-based lasers, whiter, brighter, cheaper-per-lumen, and amenable to all kinds of novel display and patterning of their output.…

I've noticed that the emotion of seeing something you hold fall is the same as seeing something you don't hold (but had considered buying), or don't hold much of, rise. The effect of clinging onto a loser is a kind of mental paralysis, which is one reason to sell that share. I think there's a similar fixation when watching the escaping winner: better perhaps to…