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Diversification is ... a hedge for ignorance

I use a mixture of dart throwing and technical analysis to identify undervalued stocks, and mesmerism to increase their prices. I had unmatched success with this combination, from march to september 2009.

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Here are some graphs: they show a bunch of companies placed according to the automatically generated Earnings-Power (vertical-axis) and Graham valuations (horizontal) from this site. EPV is supposed to consider the firm as it stands today, Graham as the firm it will grow into. AIUI. Overvalued is top left, Undervalued bottom right. No particular rationale for the choices of firms: some are people's picks for…

Volex (LON:VLX) are an electrical cables manufacturer. At the start of the year they were pleased to be a supplier to Apple: '..Significant progress in developing our relationship with our biggest customer, resulting in increased allocations. ..we have made further substantial and largely unbudgeted investments in both capital and operating expenditure in Q1 FY2013. ..1,000 net new production staff during the quarter, more than a…

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Stamps: the world record price was smashed a week or so ago, about £4.5m for, what was it called, the Patagonian Yellow, or something. It was pointed out that, relative to mass, this was the most expensive thing ever auctioned. So there.

"It all feels a bit grubby to me." The grubby part was wading into all that debt in the first place, leaving savings stagnant. So I'm happy to receive the dividends from FRP. May they prosper.

This company video is pretty convincing for anyone not sure whether to invest, imho.. ;-)

I had a look as well: but they still looked expensive even after the price drop. In a 2010 video the boss was hoping imminently to overhaul a rival SantaCruz: but according to the Alexa website statistics site: santacruz: 274k visits per month, 4 pages per 215k visits per month, 2.8 pages per that didn't happen. Santacruz possibly have an animal welfare issue:…

They were plugging their Insider rank in London at the Investor Conference last month, with a free booklet. Insiders being defined as institutional investors rather than directors I think: which, when and how much. It sounded like a big cherry on the cake.