13th Feb


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Shore Cap had these to open 'unchanged' this am. after this update - obviously they're as puzzled as you.........

'but haven't Amazon been doing this for decades? ' Aye, that crossed my mind - always looking for packaging feedback etc, do they not carry patents on certain forms of packaging (none at hand to check)?? Heathspan (supplier of vits/supplements) have invested heavily in this area too (tubs to blister packs) to ensure delivery (and economies) rather than a trip to the P.O. Flat bottles…

Restaurants - fickle business at times, honeymoon periods and then soon fall out of f(l)avour, always reminds me of artisan bakeries I used to frequent, huge initial success, a cookbook soon afterwards, declining trade and administrators picking over the crumbs though if you get the formula right and it can stand the test of time (fad free, think fried chicken/Nandos etc) then the High Street's…

Re THT, Peter Smedley (Charles Stanley) views re refinancing in Guardian (Business) today for interest....