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Halfords staff do tend to have a look of surprise when you enter the store, though by the worst customer experience and others I know have had is from Curry's/PC world. Sales boys and bimbos repeating what's on the sticker and looking blank if you ask further, and their supervisors ignoring you and explaining to staff what to do with the potential customer, whilst the…

Belated I know Ed, but probably one of your best [add-on] articles, simply because you have shown a glimpse of yourself. “Borders share price has seen a massive increase over the past week in anticipation of a positive result from this well. We feel that the market will be disappointed by the fact that Darwin is not an oil discovery,” Seymour Pierce analyst Dr Dougie Youngson said in a note to clients. “Commercialisation of a gas asset will be very difficult with liquefied natural gas…

Proselenes has been working overtime, visiting every BB under the sun. Condensate gas can be valuable as "normal" crude oil, but there are so many variables to play with before it gets to that point.

I know someone very close to home, who has been trading/investing for 5 years. He truly only trades in penny and micro penny shares. His investment style is purely speculative, starting from trusted posters and then digging deeper for E&P stocks only and waiting for newsflow. Yes openly admits he has made many mistakes, bought quite a few that went bust/delisted. However he has also…

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