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About Me:

I'm a private investor working within the fund management industry looking for opportunities across all sectors and with any duration with the ambition of growing my ISA, SIPP and other non-sheltered investments.  I tend towards small caps as I find markets are less efficient the less coverage a stock receives - and small caps don't receive as much institutional and analyst coverage.  I find the exchange of views on Stockopedia with other investors a great way of assessing the intellectual rigour (or otherwise!) of my stock-specific ideas and future investment themes to play.

Investment Strategy
I trade... monthly
I tend to buy... after much research
I hold for... years
Diversification is ... essential to reduce risk
Typically small-cap growth stocks, with a foray into oilies, resources, special sits occasionally and the odd short...

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In a similar vein to the '12 for 2012' portfolio experiment I ran through 2012, I've chosen the following 12 stocks to track throughout the year (amongst others):     31-Dec 31-Mar 30-Jun 30-Sep 31-Dec % change Dividends Avingtrans (LON:AVG) 1,000 1,030 1,179 1,365 1,689 68.9% 22 Asia Resource Minerals (LON:ARMS) 1,000 1,073 943 789 836 -16.4%   Coastal Energy Co (LON:CEO) 1,000 1,012 665 875 862 -13.8%  …

RESULTS Portfolio value (start £12k) v FTSE SmallCap (start 2,749) Date 01-Jan 31-Dec % change Dividends Yield Brady (LON:BRY) 1,000 1,309 30.9% 19.74 1.97% £C21 1,000 1,172 17.2% 241.38 24.14% Coastal Energy Co (LON:CEO) 1,000 1,244 24.4% - - Cove Energy (LON:COV) 1,000 2,065 106.5% - - dotDigital (LON:DOTD) 1,000 1,735 73.5% - - First Derivatives (LON:FDP) 1,000 1,069 6.9% 16.80 1.68% Lo-Q (LON:LOQ) 1,000…

Judging by some earlier threads on the site there would appear to be a great interest in finding AIM-listed companies to put into UK residents' Individual Savings Accounts. As we know only too well it is only those stocks currently with a dual-listing overseas that are eligible for inclusion in ISAs, legislation which therefore restricts investor choice as well as blocking a source of…

Almost a year on from floating Vallar (LON:VAA), Nat Rothschild is teaming up with Tony Hayward of BP fame to raise £1bn in a new oil and gas asset acquisition vehicle, imaginatively called Vallares.  This morning's announcement indicates that Vallares will adopt the same proven model used by Vallar last year when it raised £707m then acquired interests in Indonesian coal producers, Bumi plc and…

Avanti Communications Group Plc (LON:AVN) is a satellite broadband service company that sells bandwidth capacity to telecoms companies who sell services to residential, commercial and government users.  Residential services will include broadband, VOIP and TV, whilst commercial opportunities exist for business continuity products.  Government uses include military applications and train stock tracking. Rural TV users are likely to require a satellite service in the…

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Seeing results come out this evening for Eco City Vehicles (LON:ECV) you'd be forgiven for thinking these are for a year-end of 31-Mar - but no, these are for the year to 31-Dec meaning ECV has taken the full 6 months permissible to issue results before the shares would have needed to be suspended tomorrow. In almost all circumstances, I would not trust any company…

I've received a notification of the next AIM Investor Focus event, which is scheduled for Wednesday 30 April in London. Management of the following companies will be presenting:Indigovision (LON:IND)Share (LON:SHRE)Brooks Macdonald (LON:BRK)Alternative Networks (LON:AN.)Gooch & Housego (LON:GHH)Lidco (LON:LID) This is a free daytime event for private investors to attend, held at finnCap's offices near Liverpool St - you can apply for a place here:

To continue where I left off midweek, these are the three worst performers in the dozen share portfolio selected for 2013: Ophir Energy (LON:OPHR) (-20%) – This African oil & gas exploration co fell throughout the year from 505p to 328p, on the back of its results, a fundraising and rights issue, poor drilling results offshore Ghana, but despite what seemed good discoveries, appraisals and…

Hi Mark,Happy New Year! I've enjoyed following your posts and look forward to your blog progress this year too. I don't think you should be so hard on yourself as it is only one stock that has been a dog (Albemarle & Bond) and you've set out how you are adapting your process to remove the potential for a recurrence. In Idox, we shared a…

Well, the 'lines are closed and the votes have been counted'! How did the stock selection fare over the course of 2013?As we know, the year has been kind to hunters of growth shares, especially in the lower-cap reaches of the market. The government's decision to permit AIM shares into ISAs from August undoubtedly helped those shares perform to year-end, and to that end, the…

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