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Real Name: John Kingham

Occupation: Blogger, Newsletter Writer, Private Investor, Publisher

Interests: Stocks

Location: UK

Twitter: @ukvalueinvestor

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My name is John Kingham and I'm the editor of, a website and newsletter for defensive value investors. Defensive value investing combines defensive investing (buying large, successful companies with long track records of profitable dividend growth) and value investing (buying those companies at low valuations and with high yields). The site includes a unique stock screen and a model portfolio which is managed using a systematic investment process.  The goal is to produce a high income and growth portfolio with below average risk, which is easy to manage in just a few hours each month.


Investment Strategy
I trade... monthly
I tend to buy... according to my system
I hold for... years
Diversification is ... essential to reduce risk

The strategy that I have developed is called defensive value investing (although of course I didn't invent that name).  

It involves holding a diverse portfolio of market leading companies that have a proven history of growing sales, earnings and dividends consistently and steadily over many years.

These companies are bought when they represent excellent value for money (high earnings and dividend yields) and sold after a few years, if and when they are no longer such good value for money (typically when the price goes up too high).

Newsletter is a website and monthly newsletter which looks for world class businesses that can consistently grow earnings and dividends.  It has a unique stock rating system for finding these companies when their yields are high.  The newsletter also follows a model portfolio of these high income and growth shares.  It provides readers with a solid source of  information and education.

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The FTSE 100 today sits at 6,520, about 3% down from the start of the year and about 9% below its all-time peak, so what does that mean for future returns? Long-time readers will know that I have an obsession with long-term valuation metrics, and so I prefer to use CAPE (cyclically adjusted PE, or price relative to 10 year inflation adjusted average earnings) to…

Burberry (LON:BRBY) has had a pretty fantastic run of success over the past decade and so have its shares, with gains of more than 600% since the credit crunch.  That’s one of the most impressive rebounds I’ve seen since the dark days of 2009, but does that mean that the best gains for Burberry shares are behind us?  Let’s try to find out. First though,…

If you want to build a high yield, low risk portfolio, looking for companies with a record of reliable dividends and profits is a good start, but it’s not enough.   A truly low risk portfolio must defend again inflation, which means it must pay a dividend which can grow fast enough to match – and preferably beat – inflation.  In short, an investor looking for…

Diploma PLC is a highly successful group of businesses operating in three distinct areas:  Life sciences, seals and controls.  What makes this FTSE 250 listed company interesting is its policy of boosting organic growth with carefully selected and nurtured acquisitions.  In the past decade the company has grown rapidly, but can that continue, and are its shares worth their 700p price tag? Background Diploma began…

Most investors focus far too much on the short-term.  They look at how a company has performed in the last year, and they look at its share price movements over the past few weeks or months.  They’ll read the news and follow the latest updates and then move in or out of shares based on what they think will happen in the months ahead. Unfortunately…

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Hi Mark, 28% certainly isn't something to be sniffed at! You probably do this already but it would be a good idea to look at annualised returns over as long a period as you can get data for; you'll get a much clearer picture of how things are going that way.

Hi red, your point about underperforming is largely the point. Active managers don't like to underperform because they lose their jobs, therefore they will very often stick to the market average like glue. As for your other points, really I'm talking about vanilla funds that just own individual stocks, not weird things that value weight the bread index! Although to be fair value weighting is…

Hi Ed, yes if the data monsters like you and Morningstar show active share that's a least a start. Also it depends how you define 'adding value', because not all managers can beat the market, of course. So some can add value by improving the capital allocation decisions of the underlying companies, but then the index will benefit from that too so it doesn't show…

Hi D, I suppose size is eventually a constraint, but there's a lot you can do with 'tilting' or weighting a portfolio, even if you held everything in the index. That's what a lot of the active beta stuff does now (as I'm sure you're aware) like the Magic Formula funds. But as you say for private investors life is much easier, at least in…

Lots of opinions there! It would be nice if we could run a survey on this sort of thing (not sure if that's possible Ed?) to see what most Stockopedians do. In these comments we have a range from about 1 (or 90% in one holding) to 50 or 100! So we've got just about everything there. I would say that anything below 5 is…

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