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 Latest Challenge Champion

NAV: 436.97p   Challenge return: 263.1%
Manager: cn100

Description: The main focus of my fund is for capital growth. I invest in companies that I believe are undervalued / have been oversold / have substantial news pending that could transform the company and re-rate the shareprice significantly. My idea is to pick stocks that I believe could rise over 100% over a short period of time (6 months). I will look to reduce on strengh and buy back on any weakness.


Timeframe Fund Name (Ticker) Manager Return NAV
1week ann's fund (GOGO) apdavis 13.3% 86.82p
1month Beng986's Fund (BGN) beng986 11.5% 219.46p
3month NEILB's Fund (NEIL) NEILB 9.0% 77,261.78p
6month NEILB's Fund (NEIL) NEILB 8.0% 77,261.78p
inception NEILB's Fund (NEIL) NEILB 77.0% 77,261.78p
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Recent Trades

Fri 4:05pm bought 5,163 BT @ 384.8
Fri 4:00pm bought 2,187 Polar Capital Holdings @ 454.25
Fri 4:00pm bought 1,567 easyJet @ 1268
Fri 10:25am sold 131,894 Bezant Resources @ 8
Thu 2:35pm bought 200,000 Crawshaw @ 51
Thu 1:00pm sold 17,868 Pace @ 336.2
Thu 12:55pm sold 18,381 Mondi @ 1004
Thu 11:30am sold 18,518 Dart @ 204.75
Thu 11:10am bought 1,464,116 Fyffes @ 95
Thu 10:55am sold 46,862 3i @ 385.2
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