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Fantasy Fund Leaderboards

Pos Fund Manager NAV
101 Jonjo's Fund Jonjo Profile Image Jonjo 135.90p -1.6%
102 ohisay's Fund ohisay Profile Image ohisay 178.76p -1.6%
103 Tesuss's Fund tesuss Profile Image tesuss 106.88p -1.7%
104 Atlantis Capital Larry Wildman Profile Image Larry Wildman 76.70p -1.8%
105 Mattbrazier's Fund mattbrazier Profile Image mattbrazier 87.89p -1.8%
106 Hornet's Fund hornet Profile Image hornet 136.12p -1.8%
107 Matsetsa's Fund Matsetsa Profile Image Matsetsa 97.19p -1.9%
108 Pelham's Fund peedwards Profile Image peedwards 118.74p -1.9%
109 Bold Revisions Screen Administrator Profile Image Administrator 187.06p -1.9%
110 Tiny Titans Administrator Profile Image Administrator 187.55p -2.0%
111 Dividend Achievers Screen Administrator Profile Image Administrator 145.78p -2.1%
112 Dutch's Fund Dutch Profile Image Dutch 164.95p -2.1%
113 JIC top 10 johnrosier Profile Image johnrosier 118.21p -2.1%
114 James Montier 'Cooking the Books' Screen Administrator Profile Image Administrator 102.86p -2.1%
115 Martin Zweig Growth Screen Administrator Profile Image Administrator 127.63p -2.1%
116 GW's Pan Euro Income Fund gwepltd Profile Image gwepltd 102.60p -2.1%
117 NEILB's Fund NEILB Profile Image NEILB 80,001.50p -2.1%
118 KoA Syzygy Investments Syzygy Profile Image Syzygy 99.63p -2.1%
119 AJ51's Fund AJ51 Profile Image AJ51 185.37p -2.2%
120 Fmw's Fund Fmw Profile Image Fmw 103.46p -2.2%

About Ranking

  • Rankings are updated after midnight following trading days.
  • Consistent Top Performers will be promoted to the Fundomania 100 Index.
  • We only show compliant funds in the rankings tables. Read more on compliance here.
  • If you can't find your fund in the tables - get fully invested and make your max position size < 25% of equities!