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Fantasy Fund Leaderboards

Pos Fund Manager NAV
1 RayC's Fund RayC Profile Image RayC 86.08p 17.2%
2 ann's fund apdavis Profile Image apdavis 88.37p 15.1%
3 Beng986's Fund beng986 Profile Image beng986 221.16p 14.7%
4 AJ51's Fund AJ51 Profile Image AJ51 204.25p 11.9%
5 Deeping's Fund Deeping Profile Image Deeping 104.49p 8.9%
6 Bingbong3's Fund bingbong3 Profile Image bingbong3 163.31p 7.0%
7 JustFishing's Fund JustFishing Profile Image JustFishing 274.86p 6.8%
8 Monty9's Fund Monty9 Profile Image Monty9 106.51p 6.8%
9 Investimouse Fund investimouse Profile Image investimouse 134.97p 5.7%
10 mark's aminma Profile Image aminma 273.95p 5.3%
11 BoroDave's Fund BoroDave Profile Image BoroDave 104.41p 5.3%
12 Negative Enterprise Value Screen Administrator Profile Image Administrator 154.50p 5.1%
13 seanfaz's Growth Fund seanfaz Profile Image seanfaz 122.72p 4.8%
14 ohisay's Fund ohisay Profile Image ohisay 187.45p 4.6%
15 Altman Z-Score Screen Administrator Profile Image Administrator 137.53p 4.5%
16 Bazweb Fund baz8382 Profile Image baz8382 114.94p 4.3%
17 Sir Jonny rosierw Profile Image rosierw 105.37p 4.3%
18 JIC top 10 johnrosier Profile Image johnrosier 123.50p 4.1%
19 Piotroski F-Score Price to Book Value Screen Administrator Profile Image Administrator 168.06p 3.4%
20 Winning Growth & Income Administrator Profile Image Administrator 132.10p 3.4%

About Ranking

  • Rankings are updated after midnight following trading days.
  • Consistent Top Performers will be promoted to the Fundomania 100 Index.
  • We only show compliant funds in the rankings tables. Read more on compliance here.
  • If you can't find your fund in the tables - get fully invested and make your max position size < 25% of equities!