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Fantasy Fund Leaderboards

Pos Fund Manager NAV
221 ann's fund apdavis Profile Image apdavis 79.14p -20.9%
222 Garyupnorth's Fund garyupnorth Profile Image garyupnorth 78.36p -21.6%
223 RayC's Fund RayC Profile Image RayC 74.79p -25.2%
224 Absurdh's Fund absurdh Profile Image absurdh 63.57p -36.4%
225 Thegreatgeraldo's Fund thegreatgeraldo Profile Image thegreatgeraldo 51.25p -48.8%
226 Tgm2010's Fund tgm2010 Profile Image tgm2010 49.92p -50.1%
227 SteveA's Fund SteveA Profile Image SteveA 49.52p -50.5%

About Ranking

  • Rankings are updated after midnight following trading days.
  • Consistent Top Performers will be promoted to the Fundomania 100 Index.
  • We only show compliant funds in the rankings tables. Read more on compliance here.
  • If you can't find your fund in the tables - get fully invested and make your max position size < 25% of equities!