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We crunch the numbers, you make the decisions

Stockopedia provides the key tools that the serious investor needs to improve decision-making, maximise profit potential and minimise risk. If you are looking to take charge of your investing future or just want to verify company fundamentals, Stockopedia provides the answer.

Easily Research the Potential and Health of Your Stocks

When should I buy? When should I sell? Has this stock run too far? Is there a risk of bankruptcy? Are they manipulating earnings? So many questions, and so little time. With Stockopedia, you have the tools you need to help you to make more informed decisions.

Get Investment Ideas Using Proven Expert Strategies

Value Investors, Growth Investors, Income Seekers or Technicians will find a plethora of strategies offering all kinds of stock ideas. Whether you are looking to go long or short in the market, Stockopedia provides the starting lists for your research.

Improve Your Decision Making with Buying Checklists

Checklists have been shown to aid decision-making. We provide dozens of strategy checklists to help you quickly and confidently assess how closely a stock matches up against a given investment perspective - long or short.

Calculate a Valuation on Any Stock Within Seconds

When is a stock overvalued? When is a stock undervalued? What is my Margin of Safety? What's a DCF anyway? Stockopedia offers the analytical calculators you need to calculate stock valuations using a range of methodologies.

Optimise Your Portfolio and Highlight Red Flags

Is your portfolio overweight in the natural resources sector? Is your portfolio valued at a premium to the market? Are your stocks technically overextended? Our growing set of portfolio analysis tools help you minimise your risk.

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