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Fri 3:59pm Result of AGM
Fri 1:00pm Notice of AGM
Fri 12:16pm Holding(s) in Company
Fri 11:13am Holding(s) in Company
Fri 10:25am Holding(s) in Company
Fri 10:21am Holding(s) in Company
Fri 10:09am Rule 2.10 Announcement
Fri 7:22am Director/PDMR Shareholding
Fri 7:01am ASME marketplace to be launched
Fri 7:01am Trading Update
Fri 7:01am Executive Chairman Remuneration
Thu 5:21pm Posting of annual report and notice of A…
Thu 4:19pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Thu 2:45pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Thu 12:54pm Director/PDMR Shareholding - SIP Purchas…
Thu 12:30pm Holding(s) in Company
Thu 12:30pm Contract Wins
Thu 11:49am Result of AGM
Thu 11:42am Results of Shareholder Meetings
Thu 11:10am Director Shareholding
Thu 10:00am Holding(s) in Company
Thu 8:30am Launch of RhythmOne
Thu 7:00am Notice of 2014 Final Results
Thu 7:00am Trading Statement
Thu 7:00am Q1 2015 Trading Update
Wed 5:11pm Holding(s) in Company
Wed 3:49pm Holding(s) in Company
Wed 1:30pm Notice of intention to appoint Administr…
Wed 9:58am Holding(s) in Company
Wed 7:00am Issue of Equity and Total Voting Rights
Wed 7:00am Appearance at Major Trade Exhibition
Wed 7:00am Notice of AGM and Posting of Accounts
Wed 7:00am Trading Update
Tue 5:13pm Holding(s) in Company
Tue 4:30pm Holding(s) in Company
Tue 4:20pm AGM Statement
Tue 1:00pm Disposal of Willow Starcom Limited
Tue 1:00pm Acquisition of Willow Starcom
Tue 12:00pm Annex DTR3
Tue 11:50am Holding(s) in Company
Tue 11:45am Annual Report and Accounts
Tue 10:12am Director Shareholding
Tue 9:43am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
Tue 7:01am New Partner for Intercedes MyTAM Service
Tue 7:01am Increasing demand for IQEs Infrared prod…
Tue 7:01am 1st Quarter Results
Mon 4:10pm Exercise of options
Mon 3:37pm Holding(s) in Company
Mon 2:16pm Posting of Annual Report and Notice of A…
Mon 1:00pm Issue of Equity and Total Voting Rights
Mon 11:45am Result of General Meeting
Mon 11:43am Director Shareholding
Mon 11:16am Director/PDMR Shareholding
Mon 8:27am SIP Announcement
Mon 7:00am Trading Update
Mon 7:00am Appointment of Executive Chairman
17th Apr Exercise of Warrants and Options
17th Apr Response to Press Speculation
17th Apr Blocklisting Interim Review
17th Apr Holding(s) in Company
17th Apr Issue of Equity
17th Apr Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
17th Apr Proposed Fundraising not proceeding
17th Apr Notice of Results
17th Apr Director/PDMR Shareholding
17th Apr Annual Report Posted
16th Apr Issue of Equity
16th Apr Holding(s) in Company
16th Apr Holding(s) in Company
16th Apr Director/PDMR Shareholding
16th Apr New Co-operation Agreement with Speech M…
16th Apr Posting of Annual Report and notice of A…
16th Apr Holding(s) in Company
16th Apr Issue of Equity
16th Apr Exercise of Options
16th Apr First members of new Ensigma Whisper IP…
16th Apr Trading update
16th Apr Parity Professionals supports Northumbri…
16th Apr Acquisition of All Media Network
16th Apr Project Success at Tata Power in India
15th Apr Exercise of Share Options and Total Voti…
15th Apr Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
15th Apr Integration with Verisign OpenHybrid
15th Apr Interim Results
15th Apr Clarification of Press Comment
15th Apr Statoil ASA: Catherine Hughes leaves the…
14th Apr 2014 Final Results
14th Apr Notification of Transactions of Director…
14th Apr Result of AGM and GM
14th Apr Holding(s) in Company
14th Apr Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
14th Apr DRS Data and Research Services plc : Dir…
14th Apr Issue of Equity
14th Apr Controlling shareholder announcement
14th Apr Imagination partners with Quanta and Cel…
14th Apr Appointment of Director
14th Apr Appointment of SVP of Engineering
13th Apr Blocklisting Interim Review
13th Apr Holding(s) in Company

Regulatory News

The Regulatory News Service (RNS) is a financial communications channel for companies listed on the London Stock Exchange to communicate with private and professional investors.

Announcements include takeover bids, directors dealings, trading updates and annual and interim results statements. RNS also help companies with a range of investor relations services that can help with their reporting obligations.

For more information on the RNS service, please refer to the London Stock Exchange Website.