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Wed 5:50pm Total Voting Rights
Wed 4:00pm Transaction in Own Shares
Wed 3:20pm Total Voting Rights
Wed 3:00pm Notification of major interest in shares
Wed 2:28pm Blocklisting Interim Review
Wed 12:39pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Wed 11:01am Total Voting Rights
Wed 10:15am Voting Rights & Capital
Wed 10:11am Total Voting Rights
Wed 9:56am Total Voting Rights
Wed 9:30am Total Voting Rights
Wed 9:08am Total Voting Rights
Wed 7:00am Trading Update
Wed 7:00am Blocklisting Interim Review
Wed 7:00am Total Voting Rights
Wed 7:00am Update on Trading and UK Motor BPS Acqui…
Wed 7:00am Result of Annual General Meeting / Board…
Wed 7:00am Transaction in Own Shares
Wed 7:00am Total Voting Rights
Wed 7:00am Total Voting Rights
Tue 5:29pm Total Voting Rights
Tue 4:57pm Directors Dealing
Tue 4:55pm Holding(s) in Company
Tue 4:37pm Total Voting Rights
Tue 4:33pm Total Voting Rights
Tue 4:25pm Total Voting Rights
Tue 4:20pm Total Voting Rights
Tue 3:57pm Total Voting Rights
Tue 3:45pm Total Voting Rights
Tue 3:34pm Exercise of Options
Tue 3:09pm Result of AGM
Tue 2:48pm Blocklisting Interim Review
Tue 12:25pm Grant of Options
Tue 12:10pm Exercise of Options & Total Voting Right…
Tue 12:07pm Share buyback programme
Tue 11:50am Total Voting Rights
Tue 10:34am Director/PDMR Shareholding
Tue 10:20am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
Tue 9:45am Interim Results
Tue 7:01am India Contract Win
Tue 7:01am Acquisition & Placing
Tue 7:01am Interim Results
Tue 7:01am Update on eva
Tue 7:01am Notice of Results
Tue 7:01am Publication of Annual Report and Notice…
Tue 7:01am Appointment of KPMG as Auditor
Tue 7:00am Premier Telecom MVNO Agreement extension
Tue 7:00am Half Yearly Report
Tue 7:00am Total Voting Rights
Tue 7:00am Transaction in Own Shares
Tue 7:00am AGM Statement
Tue 7:00am Interim Results
Tue 7:00am Total Voting Rights
Mon 5:06pm Establishment of Employee Benefit Trust
Mon 4:43pm Director Shareholding
Mon 4:41pm International Contract Win
Mon 4:39pm Organisational changes at Ascribe
Mon 4:02pm Holding(s) in Company
Mon 3:45pm Director Share Purchase
Mon 11:00am Drilling Update, Horse Hill-1, Weald Bas…
Mon 10:06am Holding(s) in Company
Mon 10:04am Exercise of Options
Mon 9:38am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
Mon 9:37am Half Yearly Report
Mon 7:00am Proposed Firm Placing, Placing and Open…
Mon 7:00am New Contract
Mon 7:00am Half-year results-six months ended 30 Ju…
Mon 7:00am First Customer: Derived Credentials for…
Mon 7:00am Notice of Results
Mon 7:00am Interim Results for the six months ended…
Mon 7:00am Partnership to launch health screening p…
Mon 7:00am Contract Win
Mon 7:00am Interim Results
Mon 7:00am Issue of Shares to Staff
Mon 7:00am Share buy-back programme
Mon 7:00am Announcement of share buy-back programme
Mon 7:00am Interim Results
Mon 7:00am Half Yearly Report
Fri 4:35pm Price Monitoring Extension
Fri 4:29pm Holding(s) in Company
Fri 3:43pm Holding(s) in Company
Fri 3:37pm Result of AGM
Fri 1:23pm Result of AGM
Fri 12:58pm Result of AGM
Fri 11:00am Interim Management Statement
Fri 10:20am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
Fri 7:00am Globo included in Ovums EMM Solutions re…
Fri 7:00am Winner of Market Surveillance System of…
Fri 7:00am New Banking Facilities
Fri 7:00am New Chief Financial Officer Appointment
25th Sep Result of AGM
25th Sep Transaction in Own Shares
25th Sep Directors Share Dealing
25th Sep Holding(s) in Company
25th Sep Holding(s) in Company
25th Sep Grant of Options
25th Sep Director/PDMR Shareholding - SIP Purchas…
25th Sep Grant of share options
25th Sep Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement

Regulatory News

The Regulatory News Service (RNS) is a financial communications channel for companies listed on the London Stock Exchange to communicate with private and professional investors.

Announcements include takeover bids, directors dealings, trading updates and annual and interim results statements. RNS also help companies with a range of investor relations services that can help with their reporting obligations.

For more information on the RNS service, please refer to the London Stock Exchange Website.