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6:10pm Exercise of Options and Director Dealing
4:59pm WFINT Put Option
4:29pm Holding(s) in Company
3:30pm Directorate Change
11:09am Result of AGM
10:08am Blocklisting Interim Review
9:07am Holding(s) in Company
9:05am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
7:01am Final Results
7:00am Trading Update and Notice of Final Resul…
7:00am Acquisition of Patent
7:00am Final Results
7:00am eServGlobal rolls out projects with Zain…
7:00am Directorate Change
Tue 4:31pm Result of AGM
Tue 4:27pm Subsidiary company announcement
Tue 2:40pm Update on Non-Binding Agreement All-Shar…
Tue 2:17pm Holding(s) in Company
Tue 2:00pm First Derivatives strengthens board of D…
Tue 12:47pm PDMR Shareholding
Tue 12:15pm Holding(s) in Company
Tue 11:26am Holding(s) in Company
Tue 11:07am Result of General Meeting
Tue 9:54am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
Tue 8:15am HomeSend to enable remittance to eTranza…
Tue 8:13am HomeSend to enable remittance service in…
Tue 7:00am Trading Update and Board Changes
Tue 7:00am Globo offers highest security for Mobile…
Tue 7:00am AGM Statement
Mon 6:03pm Holding(s) in Company
Mon 5:18pm Total Voting Rights
Mon 5:17pm Transaction in Own Shares
Mon 4:28pm Issue of Equity
Mon 2:38pm SIP announcement
Mon 2:18pm Total Voting Rights
Mon 1:40pm Total Voting Rights
Mon 1:30pm Acquisition
Mon 12:20pm Directorate Change
Mon 12:02pm Holding(s) in Company
Mon 11:58am TR-1 Holding in Company: Replacement
Mon 11:10am Total Voting Rights
Mon 10:48am Holding(s) in Company
Mon 10:31am Total Voting Rights
Mon 9:54am Voting Rights and Capital
Mon 9:50am Total Voting Rights
Mon 9:41am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
Mon 9:36am Total Voting Rights
Mon 9:33am Holding(s) in Company
Mon 9:31am Total Voting Rights
Mon 9:00am Block Listing 6 Monthly Return
Mon 7:02am Total Voting Rights
Mon 7:00am Re: Proposed Refinancing
Mon 7:00am Announcements on PowerVR and MIPS at MWC…
Mon 7:00am Half Year Results to 31 December 2014
Mon 7:00am Board changes and Withdrawal of Requisit…
Mon 7:00am Resignation of Chief Executive Officer
Mon 7:00am Total Voting Rights
Mon 7:00am Acquisition
Mon 7:00am Key customer License fully recognised
Mon 7:00am Total Voting Rights
Mon 7:00am Holding in Company
Mon 7:00am Two Acquisitions and a Disposal
Fri 4:41pm Second Price Monitoring Extn
Fri 4:36pm Price Monitoring Extension
Fri 4:15pm Total Voting Rights
Fri 4:10pm Total Voting Rights
Fri 4:00pm Total Voting Rights
Fri 3:49pm Holding(s) in Company
Fri 2:22pm Total Voting Rights
Fri 2:05pm Holding(s) in Company
Fri 2:00pm IQE plc : Total voting rights
Fri 12:00pm Annual Report & AGM Notice
Fri 11:27am Total Voting Rights
Fri 11:00am Holding(s) in Company
Fri 10:35am Total Voting Rights
Fri 9:31am Total Voting Rights
Fri 9:25am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
Fri 7:00am Directorate change, notice of AGM and EG…
Thu 4:17pm Holding(s) in Company
Thu 3:40pm Holding(s) in Company
Thu 3:19pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Thu 2:04pm Replacement - Result of General Meeting
Thu 2:00pm Notice of AGM
Thu 1:15pm Posting of Circular and Notice of Genera…
Thu 12:19pm Holding(s) in Company
Thu 11:41am Notice of Results
Thu 11:15am Result of AGM
Thu 10:47am Director/PDMR Shareholding
Thu 7:02am New Partner for Intercedes MyTAM Service
Thu 7:02am Change of Auditor
Thu 7:02am Notice of Preliminary Results
Thu 7:01am AGM Statement
Thu 7:01am Preliminary Results
Thu 7:01am FD acquires Prelytix for up to USD20mill…
Thu 7:01am Annual Financial Report
Thu 7:01am Final Results
25th Feb Second Interim Dividend
25th Feb Parent company announcement
25th Feb 2014 Final Dividend

Regulatory News

The Regulatory News Service (RNS) is a financial communications channel for companies listed on the London Stock Exchange to communicate with private and professional investors.

Announcements include takeover bids, directors dealings, trading updates and annual and interim results statements. RNS also help companies with a range of investor relations services that can help with their reporting obligations.

For more information on the RNS service, please refer to the London Stock Exchange Website.