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Fri 4:17pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Fri 3:15pm Holding(s) in Company
Fri 3:04pm Form 8 (OPD) (Accumuli plc)
Fri 1:03pm Holding(s) in Company
Fri 12:55pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Fri 12:30pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Fri 11:46am Holding(s) in Company
Fri 11:43am Result of AGM
Fri 11:03am Holding(s) in Company
Fri 9:54am Regulatory Update
Fri 9:52am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
Fri 9:35am Dividend Currency Election
Fri 8:49am Director/PDMR Shareholding
Fri 8:00am Strong momentum behind Ensigma technolog…
Fri 7:00am Controlling shareholder announcement
Fri 7:00am Publication of financial statements and…
Fri 7:00am Partnership signed and First Contract wi…
Thu 5:28pm Form 8 (OPD) (Bond International Softwar…
Thu 4:19pm PDMR Dealing
Thu 4:18pm Director Dealing
Thu 4:17pm Director Dealing
Thu 3:36pm Holding(s) in Company
Thu 3:24pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Thu 3:08pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Thu 2:06pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Thu 2:04pm Grant of Share Options
Thu 11:29am G. Willi-Food International Ltd 2014 Res…
Thu 11:19am Annual Financial Report
Thu 10:32am Holding(s) in Company
Thu 9:58am Holding(s) in Company
Thu 9:45am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
Thu 7:01am Holding(s) in Company
Thu 7:00am Final Results
Thu 7:00am Exercise of Options
Thu 7:00am Contract Win for Middle East Free Zone
Thu 7:00am Preliminary Results
Thu 7:00am Final Results
Wed 5:14pm Half Yearly Report
Wed 4:00pm Result of AGM
Wed 3:03pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Wed 2:28pm WFINT Put Option
Wed 2:27pm Holding(s) in Company
Wed 11:47am Result of AGM
Wed 11:37am Result of AGM
Wed 10:40am Director/PDMR Shareholding
Wed 9:41am Form 8 (DD) - ACCUMULI PLC
Wed 9:34am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
Wed 7:01am Notice of Results
Wed 7:00am Zimbabwe Air Service Permit Granted
Wed 7:00am Final Results
Wed 7:00am Final Results
Wed 7:00am Lexmark to Acquire Kofax
Wed 7:00am Annual General Meeting Statement
Wed 7:00am Acquisition of New York Franchisee
Wed 7:00am Update on P1916 Prospect
Tue 5:27pm Change of Registered Address
Tue 4:28pm Dealing by a Director
Tue 4:28pm Director Trading Plan
Tue 4:22pm Video available online
Tue 3:15pm Form 8 (OPD) offeror - NCC Group plc
Tue 2:11pm Notice of Results
Tue 2:07pm Holding(s) in Company
Tue 11:32am Holding(s) in Company
Tue 11:17am DRS Data & Research Services plc : Re Co…
Tue 11:04am Issue of Equity
Tue 11:00am Issue of Equity
Tue 9:39am Updated Rule 2.10 Announcement
Tue 8:57am Holding(s) in Company
Tue 7:01am Trading Update
Tue 7:01am Mobile Digital Services Agreement
Tue 7:01am Proposed Resolution to Purchase Own Shar…
Tue 7:01am Proof of Concept Order and Distribution…
Tue 7:01am Final Results
Tue 7:01am Recommended Acquisition of Accumuli by N…
Tue 7:01am Directorate Change and Appointment
Tue 7:01am FD acquires ActivateClients Limited
Tue 7:01am Partnership with Westfield
Tue 7:01am Result of AGM
Tue 7:01am AGM Statement
Tue 7:01am IQE plc : Full Year Results
Tue 7:00am Annual Financial Report
Tue 7:00am Controlling shareholder announcement
Mon 5:03pm Holding(s) in Company
Mon 5:02pm Holding(s) in Company
Mon 3:25pm Holding(s) in Company
Mon 3:01pm Holding(s) in Company
Mon 2:59pm Director/PDMR Shareholding
Mon 2:01pm Holding(s) in Company
Mon 1:06pm Issue of Equity
Mon 12:43pm Holding(s) in Company
Mon 11:32am Director/PDMR Shareholding - SIP Purchas…
Mon 10:34am Annual Financial Report
Mon 9:54am London NHS trust teams up with Premaitha…
Mon 8:39am Director/PDMR Shareholding
Mon 7:00am Update on debt position
Mon 7:00am Preliminary Results
Mon 7:00am Appointment of Joint Corporate Broker
Mon 7:00am Appointment of Joint Broker
20th Mar Reduction of Capital Effective

Regulatory News

The Regulatory News Service (RNS) is a financial communications channel for companies listed on the London Stock Exchange to communicate with private and professional investors.

Announcements include takeover bids, directors dealings, trading updates and annual and interim results statements. RNS also help companies with a range of investor relations services that can help with their reporting obligations.

For more information on the RNS service, please refer to the London Stock Exchange Website.