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UK Premium
14 day no-risk free trial
£ 24.99 / month
£ 199.99 / year
33% discount vs monthly
2000+ shares analysed across LSE, AIM and ISDX exchanges.
Europe Premium
14 day no-risk free trial
£ 74.99 / month
£ 599.99 / year
33% discount vs monthly
7000+ shares analysed across UK & Europe covering 29 countries .
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Stockopedia Premium Core Features


Every stock in every market analysed - preview

Charts & ChartSignals™

Technical chart signals for traders - preview


Compare stocks side by side - preview

Stock Alerts

Add fundamental & technical email alerts - preview

Valuation Calculators

Compare stocks side by side - preview

Folios / Watchlists

Track your holdings and valuations - preview


Highest quality customer service - preview


Ideas from the criteria of legends - preview

Custom Screener

The world's best quality fundamental screener - preview


Compare stocks vs criteria of legends - preview

Custom Table Views

Tweak table views with any of 250+ ratios - preview

Data Downloads

Download tabular data to XLS, CSV, PDF - preview

Folio Analysis

Analyse, rebalance and optimise folios - preview


Software demonstration and training events - preview

Stockopedia is trusted by the financial community and mainstream press

The Independent on Sunday
"Stockopedia ranks, filters and sorts business data provided by Thomson Reuters to find the best opportunities ... its indicators flagged Supergroup as high-risk shortly before the retailer tanked 40 per cent..." ...more
Screen Shot 2012-04-30 at 12.27.10.jpg
"...gloriously designed...the individual company pages on Stockopedia are an absolute delight and incredibly easy to read... featuring a huge range of valuation metrics... powerful, professional grade measures..." ...more
"The Stockopedia Pro service ... presents all the data on any UK company that you are likely to want and hence saves you doing the analysis... overall this is a highly recommended service..." ...more

How does the 14 Day Free Trial Work?

If you cancel a subscription within 14 days, we will not charge you anything. Once the 14 day trial is over, you will be billed in advance for the coming monthly or annual period and then on a recurring basis till cancellation. We only allow one trial.

Is there a Sign up Fee?

We charge no one-off setup fees. We bill at the beginning of each period and, if you cancel, you'll have access to the end of your current pre-paid billing period. We don't provide refunds, so if in doubt please choose the billing period that suits you best.

Can I change my Price Plan?

You can upgrade from a Monthly to an Annual plan at any time and benefit from the discount. You can downgrade your membership at any time, which will take effect at the end of the current billing period. If you switch, we don't refund pro-rata on Annual plans because these are heavily discounted versus the Monthly option.

Are there limits on Usage?

There are no limits on usage at all. Except for scheduled maintenance periods, we aim to give you access to your data everywhere and all the time. Site speed is somewhat affected between 1am and 5am due to our computation processes, but the site is still accessible.

What types of Payment are Acceptable?

We can currently only accept Visa and Mastercard payments which are processed by Paypal. Unfortunately we can't accept phone or cheque payments at the moment. You can read more about payment security here

What browsers do you support?

We currently support Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3 and higher, Safari 4+, and Chrome 4+. The application works well in some earlier versions of those browsers but we can't promise support in all cases. We are specifically not supporting IE6 and are phasing out support for IE7 in line with most web vendors. We recommend a computer with at least 2GB RAM for the best performance.

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Please check our Frequently Asked Questions, read our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, otherwise do feel free to Contact Us.

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