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Robbie Burns Screens

Picture of Robbie Burns

Robbie Burns - Journalist, writer and trader. Author of the Naked Trader blog and best-selling book.. Here follow a selection of stock screening strategies that we have modelled based on the writings of or about Robbie Burns. These strategies are not endorsed by the author.

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Naked Trader-esque Screen

This is a mixed-criteria GARP screen inspired by the enjoyable best-seller by Robbie Burns, "The Naked Trader: How Anyone Can Make Money Trading Shares". His approach is primarily value / fundamentals driven: "My investment strategy has always been quite simple: find excellent companies and hold them until the value comes out". While he does appear to use a fair amount of technical analysis in order to time the entry, he appears sceptical about pure TA: "I strongly believe charts are very important to look at.. but I also believe it is simply crazy to buy and sell shares on the basis of looking at a chart and nothing else at all". more »

Growth Investing
Annualised Return: 32.6%
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