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Walter Schloss Screens

Picture of Walter Schloss

Walter Schloss - Deep value investor. One of Buffett's 'Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville'.. Here follow a selection of stock screening strategies that we have modelled based on the writings of or about Walter Schloss. These strategies are not endorsed by the author.

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Walter Schloss 'New Lows' Screen

A value investing screen based on Walter Schloss's dedicated focus on stocks that are hitting new lows and those trading at a price lower than their Book Value per Share.  Schloss summarized his own approach as being: “We want to buy cheap stocks based on a small premium over book value, usually a depressed market price, a record that goes back at least 20 years…and one that doesn’t have much debt. You can read more here. more »

Bargain Stocks
Annualised Return: -5.9%
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