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S&p 500 Index
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How quickly are company pages updated?
Knowledge Base / Stock Reports
"When a company releases an RNS with full or half year results, how long does it take for you to upda…"
I don't agree with the Altman Z-Score for company X?
Knowledge Base / Ratios and Data
"We calculate all the scores ourselves based on the Reuters data-set and the original Altman paper. Y…"
Is the list of qualifying companies the same as the tracked portfolio?
Knowledge Base / Guru Models
"No, the list on a given GuruModel, such as John Templeton, is the list of qualifying companies as of…"
If a company has a full set of green traffic lights, what does that mean?
Knowledge Base / Stock Reports
"A company with many dark green traffic lights is showing the following characteristics: strong growt…"
How do you compile your company information?
Knowledge Base / Ratios and Data
"The majority of our fundamental, estimate, price history and quotes data is sourced from Thomson Reu…"
Also known as cash flow-to-enterprise value, this ratio gives us a sense of the amount of cash a com…
This shows the number of analysts that are actively covering the company, i.e. they are currently pr…
The Price vs. 52 Week High indicator compares the current price to the highest price at which the st…
This compares the current price to the lowest Price the stock has traded at in the last 12 months ex…
The Z-Score is a shorthand to describe the financial health of a company, and its likelihood of fina…
The Indian Film Company: Latest update
The Indian Film Company by investorschampion 27th Jan '10 · 0 comments · 1432 reads · 2 votes
"Since September 2009 Network 18 Holdings Limited and its associates own in aggregate 80.4% of the existing issued ordinary share capital of the Company. Half yearly results to end September weren’t…"
Tower Resources Plc (AIM:TRP): Could Avivi-1 be a Company Maker?
Tower Resources by Elias Jones 22nd Jan '10 · 3 comments · 2471 reads · 4 votes
"Tower Resources is an AIM listed oil and gas exploration company with interests in sub-Saharan Africa, principally in Uganda and Namibia.  Its two key assets are a 100% exploration licence in block 5…"
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Interim Results
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Inv Tst by marben100 28th Mar '11 · 0 comments · 717 reads · 2 votes
"...have just been issued (after hours): Worthwhile reading for those interested in emerging markets: The steady progress of smaller compani…"
Hybridan Small Cap Wrap featuring First Derivative, Gulfsands and Rotala
Rotala by Hybridan 26th Oct '09 · 0 comments · 1153 reads · 0 votes
" This week: First Derivative is boosted by the Lepton factor, Gulfsands gets a positive appraisal, and Rotala receives a ticket to ride Cashbox (CBOX, 3.25p / £4.88m) Cashbox, the UK‟s largest indepen…"
Hybridan Small Cap Wrap featuring Adventis, Imaginatik and Milestone
Imaginatik by Hybridan 12th Oct '09 · 0 comments · 1147 reads · 0 votes
" This week: Adventis takes tough action, Imaginatik collaborates to accumulate, and Milestone achieves an, erm, milestone Adventis (ATG 19.5p / 8.34m) Marketing services group Adventis has taken some…"
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