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Small Cap Value Report (1 Jul) - CUP, ODX
Omega Diagnostics by Paul Scott 1st Jul '13 · 5 comments · 3488 reads · 7 votes
"Good morning! Cupid (LON:CUP) have announced the results of the independent review of their operating procedures by accountants KPMG. Maybe it will serve its purpose, in bolstering confidence in the…"
Small Cap Report - DTG, CUP, SEPU, DGB, IGP, PYM
Dart by Paul Scott 22nd Nov '12 · 0 comments · 2580 reads · 2 votes
"Yes I'm back, sorry for going AWOL for a few days, have been having problems with insomnia lately. Here goes with some results from this morning. I've always quite liked Dart¬†(LON:DTG), which is a bud…"
re. Small Cap Report (25 Mar) - Cyprus, CUP, VLK,
Castle Street Investments by darlocst 25th Mar '13 · 1 comment · 0 read · 0 votes
"Paul, aren't you missing the obvious with Vislink (LON:VLK) re outlook? They reiterated in the statement today that they remain confident they will reach their end of 2014 target of ¬£80m revenue and…"
Small Cap Report (25 Mar) - Cyprus, CUP, VLK, SAL, FRP
Castle Street Investments by Paul Scott 25th Mar '13 · 12 comments · 9955 reads · 6 votes
"Pre 8 a.m. comments Good morning! Radio 4 is reporting that a bail-out deal has been agreed for Cyprus, which involves large bank accounts being raided by up to 40%. Well that's going to do wonders fo…"
CPPGroup by Mark Carter 1st Jul '13 · 2 comments · 7546 reads · 3 votes
"Gable Holdings Inc (LON:GAH) fell 17.3% today to 44.45p, extending its loss from Friday. Based on my observations of similar situations, a local bottom will be made within 3 days, say, followed by a…"
Interco. Hotels Grp - Interim Results
News / RNS / InterContinental Hotels · Tue 14th August, 2007 7:11am
Interco. Hotels Grp - 3rd Quarter Results
News / RNS / InterContinental Hotels · Tue 6th November, 2007 7:05am
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