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Rialto CEO Interview Q3 FY13: High Impact Wells
Azonto Petroleum by Elias Jones 16th Feb '13 · 5 comments · 8346 reads · 9 votes
"Rialto Energy (LON:RIA) is a dual listed (ASX/AIM:RIA) oil and gas exploration company focused on the West Coast of Africa, notably in Ghana on a 12.5% participating interest alongside Ophir, and in…"
re. Yet another hammering...
Dragon Oil by moniclub 30th May '09 · 0 comments · 0 reads · 0 votes
"worth a quick look at the Turkmen view of the potential: (RIA Novosti) - Turkmenistan could have some 200-250 billion metric tons of oil equivalent, the head of a geological research institute at the…"
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